C and D

C and D

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The tent!

Two weekends ago, I got to have a girls night (we mainly sat on the couch, drank margaritas (or maybe one then had water) and talked babies and husbands and life. Times have changed.......) while Paul had a boys night with Declan and Carrig! This is the pic I got:

He said "I didn't wanna eat here but the boys did! Wings and boobs!" Delightful.

Anyhow they "ate dinner" then went to Bass Pro and got a tent!!! Paul and Declan have been talking for so long about this and were both pumped about it.

Two nights later we set it up and the boys had a sleepover!

They read and watched a little bit of Cars then decky went to sleep:

A few hours later Paul joined him:

I'm pretty sure it wasn't particularly restful but holy crap Declan had fun and now asks 372 times a day to do it again and next he wants to "go outside and sleep with all the animals".

Have fun with that one, daddy ;)

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