C and D

C and D

Friday, January 29, 2010

Spotless house and a neighbor in labor

Well I'm up again at an unGodly hour so I figured I should write a post :) Why not....

I'll post some pics when its light out but for Christmas my (Alli)'s parents got us a gift for Christmas that excited Paul to no end - a gift certificate to MOLLY MAIDS!!!!! :) Now this might not make you jump up and down but it sure did Paul :) They came yesterday and our house is IMMACULATE. They worked for 5 hours and absolutely killed it. I don't really want to shower, brush my teeth, cook, anything............I'm afraid I'll mess it all up! Truly though, thank you Hunts - the house is now REALLY ready for the boy to come and dirty up - or mommy to dirty up ;)

Totally different note - I was heading out on a walk yesterday afternoon when our next door neighbors pulled up right beside me in their car. Now - this is the neighbor who is due EXACTLY the same day as me (drs orders......Feb 8th) - however, I look inside and she's got her pillows, she's guzzling water and she looks like she's not a happy camper. Neither of them can really talk so I asked if she was in labor and they scream YES!!!!!!!!! I of course was like "oh you lucky thing" but she did not seem to think so...haha she was in a lot of pain and told me she was heading right in to ask for some drugs :) Now - will this rub off cause we live right next door to each other?????? Will our little boy be coming soon???????? Pretty please?! :) I don't know how much longer I can take this pressure on the bladder. I have A sip of water and I'm in the bathroom for the next 2 hours, every 10 or 20 minutes.............now how is a girl supposed to stay hydrated when that happens? Advice anyone?

Alrighty well I'm gonna lay down here for awhile, let's hope I'll close my eyes and not wake up for at least an hour..................................love you all!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

38 weeks, or 39 depending on who you talk to ;)

Phewweeeyyy. Closer and closer. We went to the doctor again today and got a great report! Cervix is all thinned out and ready to roll, dilated at a "loose 2" - I doubt I'll dilate much more until I'm actually really going into labor but its great to know my cervix is ready whenever little DB is. He has indeed dropped and she said his head is very low so again - YAY. He's being a very good boy.....
Dr Christensen ended our appt with a lovely little "see ya next week!" so I'm sure we'll be reporting next week as well on the baby IN the belly and not in our arms. Soon enough. Paul keeps telling me to be patient....................lets have him carry a child for 9 months and tell him to be patient right at the end ;) Easier said than done, my love, easier said than done...

Hope y'all are having a great week! We'll post again soon..............

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Total Mess!

I feel like I read somewhere about "pregnancy brain".....................but I might have made that up. Either way, I have it. Every time I go to the grocery store, I forget at least one very important item (because I didn't write it down like Paul tells me to every five seconds), forcing me to go back. I've developed dyslexia, as a good amount of the phone numbers for patients that come thru our office, I write down backwards or just plain wrong, causing my boss to call every few hours like "ummmm Alli, can you check this phone number for me please?!" I packed a nice healthy lunch on Wednesday for myself, and proceeded to walk out the door 2 minutes later without it. I then went to Whole Foods to make up for that healthy lunch I forgot at home and left my wallet there. I am a champion. Of forgetfulness :)

Complete loss of concentration and brain functioning here - its a miracle I'm able to write on this blog still!!!! Let's hope this is a temporary symptom of pregnancy and my brain comes back soon :) I would really like that......as would everyone else in my life I'm sure ;)

I've gone to the bathroom 4 times in the last hour............

I think he dropped :)

 Do you like that my shirts no longer cover the belly? awesome.......

This also means I am officially a waddler. This past Friday night I was walking on the treadmill at the gym and it just felt FUNKY. I went to the grocery store afterwards to get our dinner (clearly forgetting something and having to go back later) and I was walking out with a few bags, waddling, and sprained my ankle in the parking lot. I heard the guy getting the carts out in the parking lot bust out laughing.........nice, guy. I'm sure it was quite a sight though so I can't really blame him but seriously, this waddling thing is a little unfortunate. This is one of the many things about pregnant women I was hoping I could avoid as I had for 38 weeks, but its just not in in the cards.

I always thought it was the big belly that caused women to waddle but let me tell you - that is FALSE. My pelvis is so sore (way more so than the past few weeks, and I thought I was sore before). A couple appts back I asked my doctor if that was normal and she said "well, I mean, you have a bowling ball just sitting on your pelvic bone so yea, I would expect you to be sore" - ok then, that bowling ball has now full on decided to hang out right in/on my pelvic bone and it is noooottttt comfortable. Thanks a lot little buddy. I love you too ;)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1, 2, 3....... NO CHANGE

..........and we're right where we were last week :) 1cm, 70% effaced. I could be here awhile.......My dad told me my mom was dilated at 3cm for three weeks with I believe me (but easily could have been one of my brothers) so until I feel some sort of contraction, we'll consider me pretty far away from delivering :).

This is all good news though! The longer the boy can stay in there, the better. My doctor wants me to get to at least 39 weeks so that's two more weeks.......once I get to 39 weeks she said everything would be perfect and ready to roll. Until then his lungs etc are still developing their last little bit so just gotta hang in there for a little bit longer!

So here is the lead in for my confession of due dates :) I think our due date is Feb 3rd, the doctor thinks its Feb 8th. Paul thinks it would be funny if he came  Feb 14th. I don't.
Seriously though, the boy has always measured large and at our 20 week appt he measured out to be due Feb 3rd which was one of our original due dates when we first went to the doc, way back when. How they honestly determine these things, I don't know, but we had a couple - Feb 3rd, 8th and 10th. Well ever since that ultrasound I've gone with Feb 3rd and the doctor continues to stand by the Feb 8th date. I mean who does she think she is?!?!?!?!?!?! What, has she been doing this for 20 years or something?? ;) In any case, that would make me a little over 37 weeks right now so I reckon from here on out we'll go with her date. If he comes Feb 3rd though I'm going out to buy a lottery ticket IMMEDIATELY.

Alrighty well I hope this finds all of you doing GREAT and enjoying your week so far. xoxoxo

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Boy's Room!

We are alllllllready for you little man :) Here are some pics of his room. Can't believe he will actually be here, sleeping in this room in a matter of days or weeks.......so surreal.

The Hempens came over a few nights ago and brought the basinette that Bill's dad made years ago for his family. It is absolutely beautiful and so meaningful. Our boy will be somewhere around the 14th baby to sleep in this...........thank you Bill, Steph, Emma and Lucas!!! :)

The boy's room, looking in......

His little sportster crib :)

The wonderful glider that I'm sure we will live in............Boppy ready!

The bed Paul and I will probably sleep in more than we really want...........

A few baby pics of mom and dad thanks to the Yost's and Tracy!

Absolutely nothing to do with the boy's room, but my version of "nesting" has been BAKING - and my grandma makes the most ridiculous sticky buns on the planet so this morning we made them and I had to take a picture. That's what I'll blog about here....the boy, and food :) Are you hungry????

Some recent pics: These are from the past few weeks, 36 and 37 weeks prego. We're at 38 today and counting!! I'll post some more soon but just know, the belly is BIG!!!

Sleep Deprivation........already?!?!?!

So I've (Alli) been up since 4:30am. And really, was I ever really sleeping before that?! Between the constant bathroom trips, a cold I have developed that doesn't want to leave, and the fact that no sleeping position is really THAT comfortable, I don't sleep much these days. I'm pretty sure I'll sleep more when this boys comes. We've been having chats about this actually - if this little man won't let me sleep now he's certainly going to let me sleep later, right?!?!?!?! ;) Let's see how well he listens to his mom......

On the sleeping note, I just want to publicly say how unbelievable my husband is :) I'm probably going to dedicate a whole post to him (I should dedicate 47382 but one will suffice for now until I can think more clearly) but truthfully, he is beyond anything I could ask for. I LOVE a good massage and have actually only gone to get one "real" one this whole time because Paul has been so sweet about giving me back rubs almost nightly. I think his hands are starting to get tired because yesterday he came home with some massage tools :) and last night, around 4am, without me even asking or telling him my back hurt, he just got one, turned over and started rubbing my back with this delightful little massage diddy. I think the tossing and turning every 3 minutes finally got to him ;) Either way, it was just so sweet and while pregnancy obviously takes a toll on the women, the men have to deal just as much with it and I can't thank you enough, Paul, for being patient, thoughtful, selfless and downright amazing in your support of me. I love you :)

Alrighty well we are seeing our doctor every week now so I'll post after this next one - Tuesday! Last week I was only about 1cm dilated and 70% effaced, but she said there was a definite change from the week before so let's hope that progress continues! Love to all...............

Finally finally finally finally...........

Well hello! We have FINALLY gotten our act together and created a blog for our close friends and family :) Granted we're about 2 weeks ago from this little boy coming into our world but hey, who's counting?!?! ;) Better late than never? That's what we'll go with........

We will update this as often as possible, whenever something really cool happens or there's something of note that we want to share with all of you. Which, if Alli is writing, might be every hour or so seeing as everytime the baby moves she stops everything she's doing, makes Paul stop everything he is doing, to either watch her stomach move from side or side or feel his foot on the side of her belly etc etc etc................this may get old to some people, but not Alli ;) And Paul has no choice! Seriously though, we so wish we were able to share this unbelievable time with all of you in person but because we're all over the place, this will have to suffice until we can see you face to face :) We'll definitely keep this as up to date as possible and we cannot WAIT to post the latest and greatest. We love you so so SO much. Until next hour...... ;)