C and D

C and D

Friday, September 27, 2013

Caught ya!

He would drink ranch dressing and hummus (not together) straight if i would let him.......carrots are just his spoon.

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Carrigs hair is so long right now that we were playing outside, he was hot and sweaty and it was all over the place clearly annoying him, so when we went in he went straight to the bathroom, got my bag of hair ties and comes to me, "mommy!!!" and rubs his head. He wanted his hair in a pony. So I obliged.

My baby Beckham.

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Oh to have the problems of a 3.5yr old

Because he wanted a sandwich for lunch instead of the quesadilla mommy fixed.

Get a grip, kid.

Ps - mommy won.

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My little little friend:

Well he is just a mess. An 18-month old super mess, starting to get a real fiery attitude with mom and bro, loves to say "no no no no no" whilst wagging his finger at you....he is good times!

And still wildly cute:

And really helpful:

I had to fix our vacuum cleaner a few days ago so he decided to get his own screwdriver and "help".

And every single day tells me he wants to go "paaaaadddy" and this is what he does:

Fully clothes. Doesn't quite grasp the concept but hey ;)

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My little friend:

Is becoming such a big boy. Right in front of my eyes. And he is so fun to hang out with......I can't tell you how happy it makes me when he says, "mommy, you wanna kick the soccer ball with me????"

YouTube Video

He wanted to play after dinner tonight and ended up just kicking against the wall by himself. He went for a solid 15 mins and would have done an hour I bet if I had let him....
Yesterday on a bike ride:

Why is he 10?????
I distinctly remember when he was Carrigs age and it's just bananas to see him now - this big/little boy who cannot get enough of sports and just all things "boy".
We did some community service with Paul's team on Saturday and I was SO proud of Declan. There are times he drives me up the wall and I worry about him, but then there are times like Saturday when I see a glimpse of the man he could (hopefully WILL) be and my pride soars. He took it very seriously and really was a huge help cleaning up tons of trash at this park for an hour and a half. Way to go, Dec!

And then there's this:

Something about seeing my husband's face in my sweet baby's....my little mini Paul Hogan.
Just stay here for a minute, Dec. love you so much....
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Daddy's big helpers

So the boys obviously love going to Paul's games. They also love going to his practices. Not 100% sure they are welcome there as they are a biiiiit of a disaster and not the most helpful but at least they are cute and dang if they don't always have the best time!

This was in preseason and we walked up they were practicing their walk out and national anthem game. And the sun was setting. Looked cooler in real life, promise.

Declan is so lucky that some of the girls love playing with cars as much as he does. Or they just love playing with him. Either way, he's a lucky dude :)

 Water was definitely the clear winner this night. 

And my favorite picture of Carrig to date. GOO-BER.

Not so little girls.......

sweeeeeeeeeet shades

One of my former "little girls" from Colorado came out with her family to Isle of Palms so we met up in Georgetown one day and had such a wonderful afternoon together.

You're not supposed to have favorites as a coach, I know......but I did. And I still do. Taylor (TK) was this little stud rockstar who worked her butt off every single day, never complained (EVER), was feisty on the field but so sweet off, super reliable, humble with a beautiful spirit, loved by every single one of her teammates and such a smart little cookie. All at age 11. And then at 14 when I stopped coaching her. And then at 15 when she came to my house to meet my little baby Declan who had just been born. And then at 16 whenever we would catch up about life. And then at 18 a few weeks before she took off for her freshman year of college at Washington State. I cannot begin to imagine how her parents feel because holy crap I was in shock that "my little girl" is going to college! HOLY HJFKLDSJL:REWBK:HJKFDSEEEE..........

But she is so ready and so smart and so mature and just the DEAL. I swear, I've told her parents many times, but I really really hope I can raise my boys to grow up to be as well adjusted, independent and strong as she is. TK, you are phenomenal, you've always been phenomenal, and you will continue to be. So pumped for your future. (And thanks for being so awesome with my little ones......Declan still talks about "Tayyyor" so good work)

I heart you.

Water balloons

We discovered water balloons this summer. Our neighbor brought some over one afternoon and pretty much after that, it was over. Declan asked for them daily (btw those are a biatch to tie!). Every time we had friends over..............................or if the sun was shining, Declan wanted me to make them and play.

Some cute pics with Decky's gf. I don't think it will count as his first date because he chucked about 76 balloons at her head and not sure she was a huge fan of that type of "flirting". Gotta work on your game, Dec.

(One thing I love about our kids is that they aren't little wimpy things - it was POURING rain but they wanted to play, so play we did.)