C and D

C and D

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Baby frogs!!

We just got back from our first real official Hogan family vacay and it was so so so nice. More to come on that later but apparently while we were gone a frog had babies in our yard??????? I think??? Do frogs pop out baby frogs? I don't know but there were like 8 baby frogs in our yard and Declan and Carrig loved playing with them today.

(This is c's post "I just touched a frog" face) he always puts his hands on his belly like that when he gets excited ab something. So funny......he, is so funny.

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My date:

Declan and I had a mommy/son date the other night for dessert.....

He dug it :)

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Fingerpainting fail

Not supposed to eat that u wacko....

We have some work to do.

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Old Baldy........

We are so lucky. I grew up..........pretty much on the water. Both sets of grandparents lived on the water so whenever we went to their house we were swimming or boating. My mom was a swimmer and diver in college so from the minute we could fit into a bathing suit, she threw us in a pool. Every summer we spent in Avalon, NJ with my mom's parents which is the coolest beach town ever (in my opinion) and took my heart at a very very very young age. All of our family vacations were to a beach on the coast. You know that saying "salt water heals everything...." - its totally true. There's something that happens to my heart when I smell that salty air and its always been my dream to raise my kids around it. Thanks to my husband, we live at the beach and thanks to my parents, they give us access to their amazing beach house on Bald Head Island so my kids get that super cool summer at the beach house experience that my brothers and I had. They are the luckiest little dudes around.....
The minute you hit the ferry that takes you to Bald Head, you breathe just a little bit easier. Something about it just screams "RELAX LADY!"...............and you do. Declan's been a lot of times but this was Carrig's first trip and safe to say he had a good one :)
We played on the beach, terrorized my dad who was trying to work, went to two of the super cool pools on the island, freaked out a bunch of people as both Carrig and Declan went down the big kid slide, (Carrig) danced it up at a pool party one night, rode around in the golf cart, climbed a lighthouse, cuddled with the puppies and just had an all around really awesome time with GiGi and Pop Pop. As always, wish Paul could have been there but as always, he was working his butt off. Thanks mom and dad for letting us come hang! I know its not the relaxing time you get with everyone else in the fam but we always have so much fun with you! Love - your very very crazy grandbabies........

the wiiinnnnddddddddd

C slept in the closet in my room. Second child problems....

Declan did awesome and climbed up TWICE! And wanted to go again....but mommy was carrying Carrig and it was just slightly hot and mommy has a slight sweating problem soooo....no.

This made me cry - we were pulling out and I see this flash of pink and it was my mom! She had walked all the way out to see us go...it was a really fun trip......

Carrig, of course, didn't sleep a wink on the drive home and was SO happy to see daddy...............meanwhile Declan was passed out in the car. Go figure

And a few videos of my water baby:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Monday, July 22, 2013

Irony....and a genius

Yesterday morning was a big cleaning day. Car included.......we vacuumed and got car seats out and scrubbed etc etc etc and whilst I was inside throwing some laundry in, Declan found a pen and drew all over my seats.

With an ink pen. Kind of the opposite of clean.......

I googled what to do, made some concoctions that totally didn't work then called big Ginny the genius which I should have done from te get go and she suggested hairspray:

And now:

Ta da!!

I had a few other stubborn stains I had tried to get out earlier with stain remover that didn't work but said hairspray got them right up!

Kind of worried ab what this means said hairspray does to my hair but for right now super pleased to know this little trick!

Thank you mamasita :) love u!! And thanks dec for the artwork. You're a gem.

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