C and D

C and D

Monday, July 22, 2013

Irony....and a genius

Yesterday morning was a big cleaning day. Car included.......we vacuumed and got car seats out and scrubbed etc etc etc and whilst I was inside throwing some laundry in, Declan found a pen and drew all over my seats.

With an ink pen. Kind of the opposite of clean.......

I googled what to do, made some concoctions that totally didn't work then called big Ginny the genius which I should have done from te get go and she suggested hairspray:

And now:

Ta da!!

I had a few other stubborn stains I had tried to get out earlier with stain remover that didn't work but said hairspray got them right up!

Kind of worried ab what this means said hairspray does to my hair but for right now super pleased to know this little trick!

Thank you mamasita :) love u!! And thanks dec for the artwork. You're a gem.

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