C and D

C and D

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Has anyone else besides Paul and I seen the show "Parenthood"?! They always end it with something like "Parenthood is all new next week - isn't that refreshing?" and then show a clip for the next week's show.
  But its so true - parenthood is all new next week - is it refreshing?!?! Well - if its been a bad week - yes, yes it is! If you're in a good phase then you just hope and pray it gets even better next week.
  In any case, this little snippet always just cracks me up because it is just constantly shocking to me how quickly things change and how stinking often you are kept on your toes during this whole "parenthood" thing. AH! I don't know why I'm still shocked, honestly, but I swear to the heavens the minute I start to feel like ok, I can do this, Declan switches it up on me. Like Paul always says, "I think he's f'-ing with me :)" hahaha! Seriously though, you start to gain a little confidence, thinking ok, this isn't that bad we're on a roll, something changes. Whether it be his napping, his eating, his attitude, how difficult it's going to be to get him in the carseat today, whatever! Its just a constant fluctuating thing (I can't think of a word right now, been a long day :) ) and it is absolutely like nothing I've ever known.
  I know Declan's general temperament, I know how much he sleeps at night, generally how long he'll go during the day, about when he gets hungry for a snack, but other than that I mean it is fair game! What will he do today? No one knows.....................will he say another word? Will he hate the waffle he loved yesterday? Will he sit and cry by the door to go outside or will he be ok playing for 30 minutes while the rain stops? Is he going to scream when I talk on the telephone because he wants it or is he finally learning that the telephone is mommy's and he has his own toys? What are we gonna get, buddy?!
  I love you so so so much. And you are an absolute joy, Decky, but boy you keep mommy guessing! You have done this from day 1 and I think this is pretty much how all children are and what most parents go thru but why did no one warn me about how much constant change there is?!?!?!??!?! I am not good with change so this is just a real fun learning experience for mommy.......woohoo!
  I am going to strap my belt a little tighter from here on out because I think the ride is just beginning................

but how can you not love this adorable little mischievous face?!?!?! oh you are a mess little man, but you are my mess! :)


I don't know how I haven't posted about this yet but a few weekends ago little buddy had his first trip to the beach - and it was pretty sweet. The day, or weekend rather, in general was a great one. Paul was home, had to meet with a few recruits but at least he was HOME. Sunday we did absolutely nothing, I layed out and read while Declan took an exceptionally long nap (always always alwayyyssss a good thing), and then when he woke up we took our first trip to the ocean to meet daddy and his soccer team! Paul had planned a small sided sand soccer tournament for his girls to round out the Spring season, which was such a great idea, and gave us a great excuse to head to the water in early April. Yes - early April. 

Declan shocked us all with how quickly he took to the water. SIIIKE - he's such a water baby, we knew he would love it - and he did. Obsessed, actually. He's a very focused individual and when he finds something new he likes, don't put anything else in his path. For an hour and a half, all he wanted to do was stand in the ocean and let the waves crash around him. Pretty cool.......except that mommy was cold :) hahahaa - what a wuss! A cold ocean isn't what it used to be like when I was an 8 year old.................

In very typical beach laidback style, we washed our feet off, put on a sweatshirt and walked over to this little shack that was selling seafood - Decky and Daddy chowed on grouper fingers (think chicken fingers, but fish) and we just chilled.........yep - chilled. It was really a fantastic afternoon/night. And we can't wait to do it again.

Here are a few of my favorite pics from the day. The full gallery is here:

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Turn down your volume.....

Because as Paul said earlier, I am super annoying.............but I can't help it and Declan loves me anyway :)

So the kid is a peekaboo freak and seeing as blankets are not allowed at the dinner table so his usual mode of hiding was out, this is what he turned to.. Get it? ;) yea, I'm cool...........

So seriously, turn down the volume just enough to drown me out but still hear his sweet little laugh :)

YouTube Video

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Library Easter Egg Hunt!

Yesterday was the Easter egg hunt that the awesome little Conway library put on. The librarians went out and put out I can't say how many eggs, all filled with candy (for mommy!), gave strict instructions to the big kids to be very very careful and sweet to the younger ones, layed out the rules for how many eggs you could get and then let the animals run wild!
 It took me a few minutes to get Declan to actually participate - he was much more concerned with climbing the stairs right outside the building but he finally got out with the rest of the kiddies - absolutely no clue what was going on but his buddy Levi, who's 2, helped gather eggs for his basket. This little kid is so adorable and he and Decky are best buds. They see each other every week (and one weekend we ran into he and his mom at the park) and Levi comes right over and gives Declan a sweet hug and a kiss every single time. Declan gives him a "wtf"look but its still super cute. The lady that takes care of Levi has quickly become one of my favorite women - she is this very elegant, put together, charming, beautiful Southern lady who tells the best stories and is very sweet to my son.
 In any case, some pics! Again, hard to get any good ones of a child on the run but here ya go....

Do those trees say "the south" or what?

PS - where do you think Levi's daddy went to school?!?!?!

now THIS is his game - water.

back inside = madness

again - pushing any and everything. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Henson baby boys!!!!

Are here :) and very healthy. and insanely large for twins! TJ and Matthew are 7lbs 4oz and 7lbs 6oz respectively. Nancy is an absolute rockstar, these boys are truly the luckiest two kids in the world to have her as their mommy, Scott as their daddy and big Roger as the older bro! Paul, Declan and I are so so so beyond elated that these babies are here and healthy and we can't wait to snuggle all together and a big hogan/Henson clan!

Here's little buddy showing his excitement! He LOVES him some tj already :)

YouTube Video

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eating these days

Has become a bit of a challenge............... It is becoming clearer and clearer to me the seasons and phases a toddler goes thru. It's almost weekly...... over here at least. When we are in a great phase, I want to stay in that moment forever..........when we are in our very ornery I want to be independent stage, I want it over yesterday........currently we are in the latter - unfortunately. And it isn't over yet.

Oatmeal used to be his all time favorite food - it was like crack to him. He would shake and bounce up and down until that first bite - now he throws it on the ground which makes mommy verrrrrrryyyyyyyy annoyed! This morning however, this is what I found going on in the kitchen! Decky eating daddys oatmeal! Like a ferocious animal! At least he is eating........... Too bad Paul didn't get to :(

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Friday, April 15, 2011

A picture says a thousand words...................

So what does a thousand pictures say?!?! Because that's what is about to come your way! Picture update time!

He will push ANYTHING...............His truck:

His walker

His lawnmower


Wants very very much to be like daddy...

Is looking a little slimmer these days.......no?

Is a very good hand-holder

And extremely sweet :)

Is very silly

Is allllllllllllllll boy - it took me 15 minutes to get him away from this water - all he wanted to do was splash nasty old water around

Loves a good nature walk with mom

 Is still massively bow-legged

And a little blondie! With an amazing dimple :) 

Becoming such a big boy - walking across the bridge all by himself! Wouldn't go near it a month ago.

Is a little bit of a hoarder



Gone....time to stop taking pics, mom!

Is good with his feet

And hands!

Is really starting to chat! His favorites are "this", "that", "what's that", and "BABABABABABABA" - which means light, fan, banana, ball or really anything else he's excited about

Is gross but he doesn't know any better.........nor does he care!

Gets so excited when daddy comes home from work!

And suffers thru mommy trying to take self pics because she's always BEHIND the camera and wants to have some pictures of her and I when I grow up to be a big boy!!!

***He is damn near impossible to get a picture of these days....as you can tell. All of them are of him on the move. He is just as active as could possibly be. Running from one thing he can push to the next - and then grabbing his ball for a couple minutes. And then wanting to blow bubbles. And then back to pushing. He is such a mess but such a love. I cannot get enough of him.............. if he could speak sentences, I'm sure the first thing out would be "Mom SERIOUSLY.....stop kissing me every two seconds! I'm a BOY!" We love you, you crazy stinkpot! And just fyi - I will never stop kissing those yummy cheeks of yours! NEVER!