C and D

C and D

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Carrig James Hogan

Born 11:36am, February 28th, 2012. 8 lbs 10 oz 20.5 inches - big boy!!!!

I just want to take a second and explain his name as I'm sure a lot of people are doing the same thing they did with Declan and going "whaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!" :)

So our dear little Carrig - our second Irish baby. Irish names are HARD - hard to pronounce, hard to spell, hard to imagine a teacher calling out your kids name in a roll call, etc etc etc. Some I really love but they're just too out there. Some I loved, but didn't like the meaning. Some had a great meaning but didn't go with the middle name that we 100% were going with, James. We were looking up every Irish name site on the internet and were kind of striking out when one day Paul was on a recruiting trip and texted me "Carrig James......Carrig means "rock" "

Rock. Yes. Rock. As in the rock of our family. Not dumb as a rock ;)

But I loved it. It was such a strong, manly name and the fact that it means rock, one of the most solid foundations you can build anything on (houses, lives.............) was perfect.

We have Declan Brady - Declan meaning "full of goodness" and Brady "spirited" and those two couldn't be more true of him. Now we have a "rock". What a good balance. We'll see how they live these out :)

James is my father. Yesterday he told me how proud he was that we would name our child after him and that he would do his best to be the amazing role model that he knows Carrig will need. And Paul and I's response was, "if you weren't already that role model, we wouldn't have named him after you." My dad is that strong man that my brothers and mom have built our lives on that I hope and pray Carrig will one day to be to his family. He's honest, hard working, faithful, and true. He is a very behind the scenes type of guy but our family would not be anywhere CLOSE to what we are without him. He never asks for anything from us...he works and works and works and loves and loves and loves and while I will not in a million years be able to repay the support and life he has given me, I really wanted to honor him and this was the best way I knew how. Paul loves, respects and looks up to my dad as much as I do so it was a total no brainer........

Carrig James, you have a lot to live up to my little man....but I have all the faith in the world that you can do it. You are already our rock and we are thankful beyond words that we have been blessed with you as our son. Decky already loves you too - GiGi told me he was asking about the "bee (baby)" this morning :)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Anndddd it's on :)

Technology rules. I'm sitting here in the hospital bed hooked up to fluids and antibiotic, writing a blog.

We left the house a little after 4am to be induced with little baby boy hogan #2:

Massive. I am massive.

Here I thought my mom was just taking a pic of the belly so I look goooooooood ;)

They should start the pitocin anytime now so wish us luck. And a lot better labor than last time please!!!!!!!!!!!

We can't wait to meet you sweet baby! Hurry up!!!!!!!!!!

Love you tons - mommy, daddy and decky

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Saturday, February 25, 2012


And here I sit. 2:53am and I've been up for about an hour. Can't sleep - too much running thru my mind :(

On Wednesday at my appt we decided to go ahead with an induction on Monday but to check everything on Friday and have one last talk about it all (because he knew how nervous I was about another induction) so today when I went in everything was good, I'm about 2.5cm dilated and thinned out so he said "alrighty well do ya think????" and of course I'm a wreck and thinking ahhhh I don't know!!!!! Do I wait and see if I can do this naturally? Or do I just bite the bullet and call it good. We have had a good 40 weeks so maybe its just time. He isn't gonna let me go past Wednesday anyways so it's very possible that I could wait and have to be induced anyhow. My body just likes to hold onto babies.....

So I talked to Paul and we decided to induce Monday for a variety of reasons so I wrap my head around it totally but then last night get an email from my dr saying "well I will have to call u tomorrow after I talk to the nurse manager, there might not be enough spots open Monday" - what??????????

So hear I sit, super uncomfortable and my mind racing at 3am. I have a feeling tomorrow is gonna be awesome.... A super tired mommy and a rambunctious 2 yr old. Oy vay.....

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More smoothie face

I was washing dishes and this is what I turned around to - this kid taking the flipping blender and trying to get every last drop :) haha ohhhhhh my little piggy!!!

He will not smile normally if I say "smile for mommy!".... I should never have taught him the cheesy smile. Never.

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Thursday, February 23, 2012


....this will help me go into labor??????? Dance time with Declan.

YouTube Video

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One of my favorite times of day. Decky gets a serious burst of energy post dinner and it always leads to he and Paul wrestling/running around the house/said tickle fest. I love watching them....... I love SITTING and watching :)

YouTube Video

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iPhone conglomeration

Decky loves our neighbor, Ashley "ashhhh" and the other night he was asking for her so we went out and waited for her to get home from school. And she let him ride in her sweet caddy. Actually Declan was a chicken shiz and only sat in it when she was NOT driving. Scaredy cat.

Date night with the hubs. 39.5 weeks. Isn't Paul such a lucky man with this sexy beast?????

Another view. I got an email from a friend and (after seeing a recent picture of the belly) she said "I'm really sorry for your vagina" and it made me laugh so unbelievably hard....I'm sorry too

Knocking that smoothie back like a champ

Smoothie stache:

And for any of you parents out there this is an awesome way to get your kid who is going thru a no veggie stage, his veggies :) I put a crap ton of spinach in a blender with half a banana, strawberries, frozen blueberries, some flax seed, OJ and a little honey and clearly, he loves.

View from nana and pops room!

Decky and pop hanging after dinner

Trying on Nana's glasses :)

The end.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

I found this amusing....

I get weekly updates from BabyCenter and its basically the online version of "what to expect when you're expecting" kind of thing - tells me about my baby in his current state, gives some advice etc etc etc.

This week (week 39), the activity is as follows:
Kick back and relax. Rent some movies, read a novel, curl up with a stack of magazines or a new CD, sleep in or grab catnaps when you can.You're in the final stretch and you deserve some downtime! If you're go-go-go right up until delivery you'll be depleted by the time your baby arrives, says clinical psychologist Diane Sanford.

Yea.....ok......clearly this is not written for someone with a toddler running rampant. But oh my word I can dream..................................

Holy sjebxbekxbefskwieidb

We are back folks. Declan's fits I mean. Holy mackerel. He has had a killer past few days........ Since Christmas he has been soooo much better and while I was nervous to really think he was for real for real changing, I thought he might be. And just in time for the baby which was really exciting because he seemed to be becoming more independent, playing by himself, taking "no" like a champ and not throwing himself on the ground. But we digress.............

I just had a ten minute standoff with him while he screamed in his room and I held the door handle so he couldn't come out. And he was crying so hard he sounded a couple times like he was gonna vom. All because he wouldn't let me eat my lunch - he HAD to watch Elmo. A few weeks ago he would have patiently waited, but not so anymore :( oh my...... My blood pressure is thru the roof just worrying about how on earth I'm going to handle this when a baby come because I know it will be ten times worse as he will be wanting my attention that much more.

I'm literally frightened right now :(

Holy balls.

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Decky wanted in on the pics :)

He just doesn't know it. But I can NOT resist his little you know what.
Working on 39 weeks almost there!

He has the perfect resting spot:

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Friday, February 17, 2012

The reader

Paul and I were cleaning up the kitchen tonight and I didn't hear decky (usually a bad sign) but I found him around the corner, reading. So cute. The boy loves a good book. LOVES.

Love him.

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Simple life

I remember, before Declan came, how nervous I was about how Paul and i's life was about to change. We had a very simple life, but I loved it. Every part of it. We were and still are very much homebodies - my favorite things were always cooking new meals we had either learned at one of our cooking classes or saw on a show and then laying around watching movies. We would do this all.the.time. It was simple but I loved it and I was terrified of what a baby would do to upset that balance. I would say for the first few weeks too that I was a little resentful towards decky because it did indeed throw a very large wrench in our life. There was no more "Paul and Alli hang out time" and I missed it terribly.

Well fast forward to today, 2 years later, and we have a new version of this "simple life". It was an absolutely gorgeous day which turned into a really nice night so after deckys nap we went out on the front porch and watched all the cars drive by over the "bump bump" - speed bump - its one of his favorite things ever. I was looking thru a cooking magazine that had come in the mail and he was collecting rocks, driving his truck on the porch and jumping off the stairs..... And every once in awhile he would randomly come over and give me a hug. A big hug. One where he would lay on me and become dead weight :) not the most comfortable but totally the best hugs from your toddler. And I had this thought flash thru my mind again...... We have such a simple life right now. And it's about to be turned upside down. And I'm frightened. Just like I was scared about missing out on time with Paul, I'm scared to miss out on my time with Declan. It's so precious, this time. HE is so precious.

I hope two years from now I will be having another one of these moments, except with my TWO boys playing with trucks and giving mommy hugs.......

I really really love our life right now so I have to keep reminding myself that it just gets better.....it only gets better.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Valentine :)

Paul and I were just talking about how February is a pretty busy month for our family and most likely will get even busier with this next little buddy so feb 14th kinda sneaks up on ya. We are going to "celebrate" this weekend when nana comes and hopefully she can watch decky for us (surprise nana! We haven't really asked you yet oops!!!) so yesterday I wasn't expecting anything but Paul came home with this:

He really isn't a flower guy so those were a huge surprise but the best part was the brownies - duh!!!!!! The man knows the way to my heart :) that is for sure.

With everything going on in our lives right now it certainly would be easy to pass right over this day but Paul, thank you so much for taking the time for US. I love you more than anything on this earth - you are my heart, you are my home. I remember back to my first year in Colorado when I was in love with you/stalking you and you kept giving me the heisman and so many nights I would go to bed praying that one day you would feel the way about me that I did about you. I hoped, wished, prayed.....not sure it really would ever be real. But it is. My dream came true. My honest to goodness dream and as that country group "the band perry" sings - "I don't want the whole world, the sun, the moon and all their light. I just want to be the only girl you love all your life....."

Forever and ever. Amen :)

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Beach baby

My brother, Davis, got decky these cute flip flops for his birthday and then came yesterday. Decky insists on wearing them even though he has no clue has to walk in them. And they are still just a liiiiittle too big. But it's really cute. Thanks d!!!!!! Love ya :)

"reading" and trying to walk

Here's his thank you video - and also a fantastic example of how Declan communicates :) hes asking me for goldfish just FYI - that's what he thinks "fishies do" so that's how he tells me he wants some goldfish. And grabs my hand to take me to the pantry - and he signs "thank you". Why talk when mommy understands this type of speaking?????? Problem number one.

YouTube Video

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38 weeker!

And nothing new today at the doc. No dilating, no effacing, no nothin'. Thanks, guy :) we will see the dr in another week and discuss possible induction. I'm fighting him and he knows it so we will see what shakes down. He is the professional, I realize and if this kid is indeed too big or he just refuses to come on his own like Declan than we can talk but I just don't want to do anything early. Ugh. So we will see....

In other news, for any of you pregos out there with sciatica this is your BFF:

Cute, right???

So I've had some horrible nerve pain since about 23 weeks or so and it was on my left side but it has since gone to the right and it's horrific. This though seems to help a little. It lifts up the child just enough off my ass that I can walk. I don't sleep with it though which maybe I should because when those middle of the night pee sessions come and I'm groggy and step out of bed....the pain....ohhh the pain. It's crippling. This is something I look forward to being rid of :) but until then, me and my girdle spend lottttssss of time together during the day....Paul's pretty jealous.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Decky and the puppies

My parents dogs are little angels. Truly. And decky is so in love he basically doesn't sleep when they are here :) he wakes up from naps and bedtime woofing like a dog.........not as cool as it sounds ;)

Anyhow here are a few pics from there most recent trip:

One morning we had a big snuggle fest...I look good, I know ;)

Kisses. I tell you the kid is such a lover boy

Melts my heart

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Daddy and decky

YouTube Video

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Swimming with the hogans!

Nana, pop, nancy and the boys stayed down at the beach in a condo that had a pool and Sunday we went over to play!

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iPhone bday pics

This guy decided to make his 2nd birthday the day that he would first climb out of his crib. And scare his mommy half to death. What a start to your birthday buddy! I would have liked to avoid the "do we try to switch him to a big boy bed" drama right before baby h but no such luck........

New trucks - happy boy!!!

Balloon baby

Gigi's work station

Flour all over the iPad. Dedication.

Make your own goody bag arts and crafts

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Look at that body - he works out

We had deckys 2 yr old appt last week and he was 34 pounds, 34 inches :) go ahead buddy!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

YOU are TWO!

Oh Decky Doo, my little love..............I cannot believe you are already such a big boy. All the experienced folks out there tell you how much time flies and to savor "every moment" and while I'm certainly guilty of not savoring everything (especially the temper tantrums ;) ), they couldn't be more right. You my dear, are growing up right before my eyes and time is speeding right on past me... GiGi and Pop Pop came down for your birthday and Friday night we were up talking about everything that's going to change (with your little brother on the horizon) and I started tearing up because YOU are my baby. YOU are the one I spend every single second of every single day with. YOU are the one who can make me smile like no other (and in the same breath frustrate me to no end ;) But I still love you....) YOU are my life, Decky, and while I know I had another one before you I just cannot remember it...............you are growing up into the most loving, handsome, fiery, smart, strong, opinionated little man. There is nothing, nothing, nothing on this earth that I would change about you. Please know that. You are perfect the way you are, and you will remain perfect in my eyes for the rest of your life.

You're a lucky little dude my friend because you had SUCH an awesome 2nd birthday party! GiGi came into town on Wednesday night to help me not only get ready for the baby but also helped me prep for your party and boyyyyy did she do a killer job!!!! Thursday we dropped you off at school and then went to WORK! We ran to a number of different stores and got the rest of our arts and crafts/goodies that we needed and then basically until Saturday morning around 10:29am we (and when I say "we" I mean "GiGi") were working to make your party awesome.

I would say the coolest part were the Elmo cupcakes that she made. I'm still eating them by the way. You, are not allowed. Mommy however is 38 weeks pregnant and can be a big fat pig if she wants ;) OK? OK!

We also put out all your trucks and balls, had your play set ready to roll, GiGi made tons of homemade pizza dough for the kiddies to make their own pizzas and you guys were pretty much set. You played for a solid 3 hours with some eating mixed somewhere in there and not one of you fellas had a meltdown. It was a 2 year old birthday party miracle!!!!!!

You had so many people there that love you, Decky - we had your buddies, Carl, Levi and Sawyer come with their families. Chris came after he ran practice for daddy. Nana, Pop, Aunt Nancy, Matthew and TJ drove up from Georgia to be here. GiGi, Pop Pop and Uncle Kenan were here too to round out the most awesome group ever. Again, you are a lucky little fella. I can say with a large amount of certainty that I've never had that many people at one of my birthday parties - and I have had a lot longer on this earth to impact people - so kudos to you son. You've made quite the impression in your short two years :) Here are some pics from the big day!

I love you so so so incredibly much my little love. "I love you to pieces" is what I find myself saying these days. And I do. Thank you for the past two years sweet baby. Can't wait for so many more......