C and D

C and D

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

37 weeker!

Well, little little buddy, turns out you might be even MORE stubborn than your big bro! I know we still have lots of time to go and things could change in a minute but at least at this point in the game, I was dilated and effaced a little bit. Today, my doctor was like "well, not much happening" and I said really???????? to which he responded, "well......maaaaybe dilated a fingertip" Awesome. A fingertip. That basically means nothing and he was trying to make me feel better. You are apparently quite comfortable which is shocking seeing as the amount of times your brother jumps on you. Daily.

The doctor also thinks you are almost 8 lbs. Right now. Which is ummmm....big. We've talked about inducing and I told him I would prefer to do pretty much anything rather than be induced again (that one did not go so well last time) but again today he brought it up saying "I know you really don't want to be induced but it might be something we have to discuss if and when you get to 39 weeks - you just don't want this baby to get so big that he won't fit". Beautiful. Decky was a good sized child but nothing crazy. You though, for as much as my doctor can tell when he pushes on my belly, are a biggon......and I've felt the same way for a long time about ya buddy.

SO - we shall see. I'll probably be updating next week at this time and maybe will have some more details in place. I would love, my little fella, if you would please just come naturally though because mommy isn't sure she can handle the same type of labor again. And your brother didn't like it one bit so I really don't want to put you thru that kind of stress. It wasn't fun. Not for mommy, not for you, not for daddy or GiGi. You can do it big boy, just come in maybe 2.5 weeks and we will ALL be happy happy happy campers :)

Love you and I look so forward to the day when I get to kiss your sweet face.........