C and D

C and D

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Stop time. I need to bottle up my little boys' laughter when they run and chase each other like crazed animals after dinner and then jump on each other and wrestle. I need these moments forever captured for me because I can already feel myself missing these days..........

These days and these moments and that laughter.....it's just absolutely too precious (as in extremely important and close to my heart) to forget. I want this to last forever......

Someone. Help :)

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ShiShi and PopPop

Carrig has given GiGi a new name and it's pretty darn cute:

YouTube Video

Love it. Consider her name changed officially :) mom, you're cool with it right??

They came down back at the beginning of October for the Conway fall festival and we had another wonderful weekend. The boys just die for their grandparents .......and their puppies ;)

The coolest part ab this particular weekend was that my dad taught Declan how to hit a baseball. I loved watching them play outside together and I love that forever we will be able to say "Pop Pop taught you how to do that!"

YouTube Video

They used a tennis racket and rugby ball but he finally got the timing down :) and we play almost daily now and he's getting pretty good. Again....dec, Pop Pop taught you how to do that:

YouTube Video

The rest of the weekend we just hung out and enjoyed time together. Love love love that my boys love love love their ShiShi and PopPop... And Maddie and Chopper.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


"Best!!! Halloween!!! Ever!!!" Says Declan as he fist pumped (no lie) walking back to our car from our Halloween adventure.

We started the night before (better late than never ok?!?!) by carving our big pumpkin. The boys had painted the little ones awhile ago....

Declan thought the jack o lantern was so cool. Side note: constantly reminded how cool life is when u watch it thru your kids eyes....

The morning of Halloween Declan had his fall festival at school which is AWESOME. They just do such a good job, face painting, musical chairs, tattoo parlor, jumpy house, animals to feed, horses to ride, carnival games etc etc etc. its just awesome. Both boys had a blast

I made the boys a smoothie filled with lots of kale before we left
To go trick or treating bc I was not feeling good ab the amount of candy that was ab to be consumed ;)

Love themselves a smoothie. #mommytrick

We went out to barefoot landing again with kaylie, jax, Blake and Lilly and had "the best Halloween everrrrrrr". They trick or treated to all the store/restaurant owners then we had a big feast at the pizza place. It was a total sh*t show I'm not even gonna lie and all the parents......we just had a beer and laughed bc the kids were insane and loud but oh they had fun. Another awesome, successful Halloween in the books:

Cinderella, pumpkin, dinosaur, duck, dragon, zebra. Best crew ever.

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