C and D

C and D

Monday, April 21, 2014


Carrig James Hogan was born with some beautiful locks of hair. He has this style and personality that just embodied the long hair...but two years without a real haircut was driving me crazy.

Like his brother before him Carrig's eyes started to cross around two years of age. Alli actually believed that maybe the long hair that was in his eyes all the time was the cause. I started to sense Alli letting her guard down about his hair and I jumped at my chance. Our conversation:

Paul - "Yeah Alli I think the hair maybe causing his eyes to cross. How about a haircut?"

Alli - "You think so? I love his hair and don't want to cut it"

Paul - "I love his hair too but what if his hair is the root of the eye problem? (holding in a laugh)"

Alli - "Ok,well then I will take him to get a cut boy's haircut"

Paul - "Good idea, you are a great Mom".

So, Carrig went for his first real cut and came back with an awful little girls haircut. I saw my chance and got my hair clippers all warmed up!!! After a few hours she relented and I was able to give him a BUZZ.

This is Carrig before and after his first real haircut:

This is the barber fixing this cut:

Declan & Carrig Age 2 with same haircuts

The Hogan Men!

The Hogan Men are taking over this blog!

It seems that caring for two wild and crazy boys & one rather large immature husband has taken a toll on my wife. I have waited patiently for a new blog post but NADA. 

SO....the boys and I have hijacked this blog and you will now hear about life at Casa de Hogan from a guy's perspective.