C and D

C and D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The buddies:

There are moments when I look at Carrig and it is just the craziest flashback to Declan's first year of life. The two of these boys are so different but at the same time so very much alike and I love that interesting dynamic. Totally bros:

Both man-babies

The big difference here is that D was bald and turning blonde while C has kept all of his very dark hair....other than that these two are just little besties. Hilarious.

Love them so.


Can't leave him for a second.

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Mr busy body

We were roller coastering in the front a few days ago and it used to be that C would just hang out like a nice calm human but those days are over. It was a little windy and the leaves were blowing all over so he was chasing them and for some reason he kept "chasing" them down near the road. Why kids feel the need to approach dangerous situations constantly I will not ever know but this was my solution:

You're going nowhere my friend. Deal with it!

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Pee pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought I'd take so many pics of one humans butt BUTTTTTTT this kid is killing me so I've taken one about 37 times today:

I realize I risk jinxing us but this morning we went to target

and got my little buddy some big boy "un-wear!"and after his nap I decided to give it a go. And he went SEVEN times all on his own without me ever asking. He would just say "mommy! Pee pee!" And we would run to the potty and get it done!
This has been monnnnnthhhssss in the making so don't get the wrong idea here. We have read books, we have watched Elmo potty movies, we go potty with mommy five times a day, we have checked out big boy underwear many different times, we talk about presents and stickers he gets when he goes......so what I'm saying is, he knows the deal. He is old enough, he gets it, I felt like it was time so we went for it and I thiiiiiink we might be onto something.
Decky- I'm so proud of you my sweet baby!!!!! You're the man!!!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Nana and Pop came into town last weekend and brought just about the coolest toy Declan has seen in a loooong time:

YouTube Video

Carrig wasn't so sure....give him a couple months.

It's been an awesome and has kept decky busy...to say the least. Thanks nana and pop!!!!!

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Oh buddy buddy buddy.....

The hits just keep coming. You and I took a drive to Florence yesterday to see your eye doctor for a three month check up and I was A) looking forward to it but B) dreading it. Ever since we brought your prescription down because you were having trouble seeing long distances with the glasses on, your eyes have been crossing again. Even with the glasses on. And that's what I wanted to talk to the doctor about but he beat me to it asking how often your eyes are crossing in a fairly concerned voice. "Well........pretty often". Bam. You might need surgery. And I was choking back tears for the rest of the visit when you two did all the tests because I just can't stand that all this keeps happening. To my innocent little boy. It's making me physically ill. 
I guess in 90% of kids, glasses solve the farsighted, cross eyed problem until you guys grow out of it BUT YOU, my sweet sweet baby, you are once again in the small percentage who its not helping. 
So...with all of this, we head back the day after Christmas for a visit and if your numbers have gotten even worse we will talk about scheduling sx. 
This year has been quite the kick in the ass but if you do in fact need surgery on your eyes (don't even get me started on how many horrible things I've imagined happening during sx), then so be it. Another day, another obstacle. LIFE ROCKS!!!!!! 
Its a damn good thing that your daddy is as strong as he is and as much as you take after me (in all the bad ways), you are such a badass like your daddy and I'm so so so thankful that you have his attitude and strength. You guys keep me going.

                         The good news about all of this is that you are a loooooooooooooot cuter than me, Decky Doo. A LOT. Kenan, you and C are beautiful. And chubby ;)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Getting brave

Many days now I will find Carrig under the ottoman (stuck screaming) or a chair or the bed or Declan's stool:

YouTube Video

Just two random pics after I picked decky up from school yesterday:

Both C and I were still in pjs at noon. And it was awesome. And he was eating Cheerios off the mat.

Declan kept putting on my sunglasses and saying "oooo mommy really dark" - yes. Yes it is. And those are the one nice thing I've bought myself since you have been born buddy so put them down immediately. Gracias.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Strong like bull

YouTube Video

These two had a blast at the park tonight. Carrig is getting way too big way too quickly and it's freaking me out :(

Go back to being my baby please!!!!

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Toes in the water...

This is one of my favorite pics from the past month. This was late September when we were out on the beach one night......perfect weather I tell ya. And my little baby's fat hand in this makes it just phenom. I could so eat him up!!!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Morning cartoons

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So far....

We're doing ok.
We've tried this:

With this:

So he really didn't taste the difference in pasta I don't think. We actually had a full day without wheat (that is extremely hard ps) and he did totally fine. The dr told us to not even worry about cutting out wheat because its in literally everything but Paul and I figured we would try to minimize in places we could so that's what we are doing and its going alright.................
So far, Decky's been a champ. I just have to make his new food seem super cool and he gets into it. We'll see how long this keeps up.....................

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fall means....

HOODIES! And there's not much more that I love than a hoody. But a baby hoody is the best:

Little Carrig

is absolutely NOT little. I thought Declan was short and chubby as a youngin' but this kid is just another level:

Super super super rookie mistake

Never. Repeat Never. Hold a naked infant. This is bound to happen, even if it is only nakey time for 3 seconds.

Family photos

When daddy's on the road:


I take these for Paul a lot when he's gone and I can't tell if he loves getting them or he gets pissed at me because he wishes he was here. We'll go with he loves getting them.....

GiGi saves the day

My mom is a gem. She was going to head to the beach house on Thursday but decided to come here early for a few days and hang with us because it was right after Decky's asthma incident and I think she could tell I was a major major majorrrr stressball. So she came Tuesday and was only going to be here a few days but ended up staying until Sunday - and it was amaziiinnnnggggg. Seriously. Paul went out of town on Wednesday which is usually fine but with everything going on I was just a wreck so without me even asking, she just stayed. Like the badass mom/GiGi that she is.

The four of us had such a fun week and got to spend some really good, quality time together. Declan, to this day, keeps asking when GiGi and the puppies are coming back. So mom, please make it soon before he drives me crazy ;)

One day she took Decky to Target and they clearly had a fun time shopping as they came back with tons of stuff to decorate for Halloween:

Declan enjoyed pushing the puppies in his stroller. We always have to push. SOMETHING.

Proud of he and GiGi's (mainly GiGi's) work:
One morning we went down to Pawleys Island and shopped around. They have the coolest little old timey shops with unique, southern items. I love it so so so much down there. Wouldn't mind living down there one day ;) ;) ;) paullllllllllllllllllll

Declan got a little tired of shopping so we stopped at the playground to play. And he's always good for a hammock swing with his GiGi.

Another morning we went to the Conway Fall Festival. I took Decky last year and he loved it so I was certain this year would be even better. And it was.

They have this cool antique car show and while I'm not into cars (other than miniature ones that make super annoying sounds), these are freaking bad A. They're gorgeous....and THIS was the car my mom grew up driving in! We took a pic for Gammy and Grandy:
It is a boat.

We took a nice walk. Where Maddie, the princess, decided she would rather ride than walk.
We fished. Duh. We fish every day now....................mmhmmm.....

This kid joins us now. And he has manboobs. And I'm slightly worried about his future.

Decky danced in the shower: His FAVORITE thing to do right now is when he's supposed to get out is go "i see deckyyyyyyyy" and shake his butt like a wild man. Its hilarious and this pic doesn't show how funny it is but I wanted it for future reference to remind me of these sweet times....

Then we had a fun little photo sesh with the skull and skeleton arms. Why not. Its Halloween....

Mom - you are the absolute best. You are the calm to my storm so thank you for getting us thru that rough one...............we love you very very much.