C and D

C and D

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pee pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I never thought I'd take so many pics of one humans butt BUTTTTTTT this kid is killing me so I've taken one about 37 times today:

I realize I risk jinxing us but this morning we went to target

and got my little buddy some big boy "un-wear!"and after his nap I decided to give it a go. And he went SEVEN times all on his own without me ever asking. He would just say "mommy! Pee pee!" And we would run to the potty and get it done!
This has been monnnnnthhhssss in the making so don't get the wrong idea here. We have read books, we have watched Elmo potty movies, we go potty with mommy five times a day, we have checked out big boy underwear many different times, we talk about presents and stickers he gets when he goes......so what I'm saying is, he knows the deal. He is old enough, he gets it, I felt like it was time so we went for it and I thiiiiiink we might be onto something.
Decky- I'm so proud of you my sweet baby!!!!! You're the man!!!

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