C and D

C and D

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Surf's up dude!

Declan is forever taking off my sunglasses, my mom's glasses, Nana's glasses.......anyone that has something on their face, he wants it. So I got him his own - and he is *kind of* liking them!!! At least he isn't pulling them off after .287 seconds of having them over his eyeballs :) Cool, bro....you look cool :) 

How can I put these on myself??????
ps - loving the crossed legs........


Monday, March 28, 2011


Another moment I would like to freeze in time. Please? Thanks, God.

Declan let me "sing" him to sleep! Never never neverrrrrrrrrr................usually I just read him a story before his nap but by about 12:30 today I could tell he was one pooped puppy so I gave him his passy, gave him his blankie, and started singing "Mary had a little lamb" - one of about three nursery rhymes I know. Probably a little better than "Black and Yellow" by Wiz Khalifa ;) My rap repertoire is spectacular compared to my nursery rhyme rep.......not sure, but this might be something I need to work on.

But I digress. Little buddy just laid his head on my shoulder and we rocked and sang, sang and rocked.............he was still awake when I put him down because let's be real, the kid is still who he is and unless its nighttime and he's up way past his bedtime, he will party until he can party no longer - but this was just such a sweet moment. He never ever sits still, even when I'm reading to him he's bouncing up and down trying to turn to the next page. It was just so nice to lay and rock and ahem....."sing". AH - I loved it :) And he could care less how terrible my voice is (and it is terrible). He loves me anyway. The sweet, innocent, unconditional love of a child...........................


Sunday, March 27, 2011

A nice rainy Sunday

Little buddy had his first morning playing in the rain - and boy did he play! He was FURIOUS with me when I finally brought him in. Screaming and shivering - at the same time :)

He had a great time though - I was just waiting for this day..........................every morning we have to go outside (I've mentioned this a time or two on here :) ) in order to let buddy run out some of his energy so despite the fact that it was 50 degrees, pouring rain, and Declan has no rain jacket, we ventured out. What did he do? Duh - went right to the puddles. The sides of our street are basically one massive, continuous puddle so he ran up and down until I pulled his little butt back inside. Mainly because I was freezing ;) Sometimes mom makes the rules, dude. Not often I realize, according to you....but sometimes.

Declan gets his good looks from me - clearly.

Soaking wet, refusing the smile, and about to start screaming when I tell him we are done playing outside :) That's my boy!

He got a nice hot bath, we got back into PJ's and he took a 3 hour long afternoon nap so I think it was a successful first rainy day........

PS - tomorrow - we get a rain jacket.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Just because I like him.

Our beautiful little baby

I just love everything about his face - its so ROUND. his face, his eyes, his sweet little nose, his mouth...lots of perfect little circles making up this perfect little boy.


He is pretty hilarious with the bellybutton - he will be all the way across the room and I'll say "Decky, where is mommy's bellybutton?" and he RUNS from whatever he's doing to lift up my shirt, point and smile. The other day I was on the phone with my boss and Declan was KISSING my bellybutton and I couldn't help but laugh because it tickled so much. Weird telling my boss when he asked all of a sudden what was so funny, "uh well my son is kissing my bellybutton" but we're pretty close....................luckily - or that could have been awkward :)

Uh oh.....

I hate the telephone. Its a known fact among my family and close friends. I wouldn't have a telephone if not for work, truthfully. That and the knowledge that I HAVE to have one in case of emergency.....but seriously I hate talking on it, thus, I do not :)

Declan, however.................

Sweet cheeks on the phone

  Texting his gf

If I give this to you, you HAVE to give it back....ok, dad?

he is obsessed. it has to be ON however....if i give it to him to play with and the screen is dark, he throws a fit. what a snot! he wants to punch every number imaginable and call all my work contacts and really get me in trouble!

A boy and his ball


He makes this noise a lot - but there is one thing for sure, when he sees a ball, and he says "ba ba ba" - he means business. And he means ball.

 Ok, how do I get down here? Mom just threw my ball and I want to run after it but this stinking step is in the way!!


I will go anywhere to get my ball back!

And now just some cute ones of the boy :) I'm annoying. I know.

Are all toddlers this bow-legged?!?!

I wish this one wasn't blurry because his eyes are KILLER. The blue is piercing......in such a good way :)

Stunna shades

For my OTHER brother :)

My little brother, Graham, just got into WAKE!!!!!!!!!!! YEA BUDDY!!!!!! So so so so so proud of you :) Grammy got this shirt for the little man when he was up on one of his visits to Wake and Declan can now finally fill it out! Clearly he loves Wake as much as his mommy!
I am so happy for you, Boo, and can't believe how smart my youngest bro is! He will never brag on himself so I will do it for him......he's had one heckuva Spring! He got into CU's business school and got a $20,000 scholarship - got into USC (South Carolina) and got an $80,000 scholarship! Got into Carolina and now just recently, got into Wake Forest - easily the best of all his options ;) I'm not biased. Never. I just can't believe how great of a position he has put himself in.....now time to choose - you will make the best decision for YOU, Boo, and I can't wait to visit you wherever you end up next year. Love you tons dude!!! My smarty pants brother.......

Declan and Daddy

Sitting in a tree :)

I am so so SOOOOOOO happy to be back together, all three of us. I think Declan would be happy with just daddy though :) He ONLY has eyes for that man and while sometimes I'm like helloooooo buddy, it still is the cutest thing in the world to watch them together.


Declan and I went down to the park after his nap and Paul surprised us down there when he got home from work! So cute. Big kid, little kid...........

Pollen everywhereeeee

Declan looooves his mommy's phone, so Paul put it on speaker and called me/him on it and they had a nice convo.....................

Two little peas in a pod :)