C and D

C and D

Thursday, December 30, 2010

FOLLOW MY SISTER-IN-LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy has started a blog and she has been updating like crazy! There are no words to describe how excited I am to meet her two little Henson babies and this blog just gets me amped up every time I read it. We love you Nan, Scott, Rog, TJ and Matthew!!!!!!!! Check her out! She is looking amazing :)


Nap debacle

Little buddy is testing mommy!!!! booyyyyyy!!!! The past three weeks he has been boycotting his naps however - ONLY WHEN HE IS HOME. Stinker sleeps great at daycare - no biggie - just when he gets home he thinks he can play with me and I've given in until now. We're going back to the sleep training!

The first weekend I just kind of thought it was a fluke. Maybe he wasn't feeling well, maybe he had some teeth coming in (convenient excuse I find myself using whenever he's fussy....................lame), maybe he just wasn't tired because he sleeps so much at night, maybe its separation anxiety starting to kick in, I have no idea but I was like ok no big deal I won't fight him on this, I'm sure it will only be a day or two. SIKE - the next two weekends he did the exact same thing, crying immediately the minute I put him in his crib. One afternoon he woke up about 30 mins in (definitely not a good nap by anyone's standards and certainly not his) so I went up, read a book in the quiet, gave him his blankie and we cuddled becuase he was clearly still exhausted. THE minute I put him back in his crib, all out war. I told him I loved him, gave him big kisses and then went outside and read for 20 minutes so I didn't have to hear him cry. When I came back in he was out but only for the next 45 mins then he was up again. AH!

So in any case, I went back to the book that I swear by, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Dr Weissbluth and went straight to the 9-12 month section and what is the first topic - "Nap Disturbances". HA!!! The man has been spot on with every single thing so not surprised he was with this as well so I read the whole chapter and a little more, made a plan with Paul for the next day and we went to work on it. Basically the jist is yes, Declan's brain is certainly developing and he's becoming more daring, more adventurous etc etc etc and he wants to play play play so why would he sleep when he can play and learn more new and exciting things downstairs with mommy and daddy? That said, yes this is YET ANOTHER stage, but its not an excuse to let him develop bad habits because they can quickly turn into something much greater. I've said it before but "good sleep begets more good sleep" so the better he sleeps during the day, the better he will sleep at night.......and night sleep is the most important for everyone (mommy and daddy included!!!!) Just because he refuses to nap all day does NOT mean he will be exhausted and then sleep all night. It will actually work the opposite way and night wakings could become more frequent........................and we do NOOOOOT want that! Declan hasn't woken up at night in like 5 months or something crazy, I am not about to go back there :) Needless to say, Paul was on board and since I'm working right now and he has some time off, it fell squarely on his shoulders to work with little buddy on his naps. This week has been soooooooooooo much better since we started paying more attention to his cues etc and I think he's realizing that yea he may be stubborn but we are more so and he will sleep when he needs to sleep :) Nana and Pop are even here and amidst that excitement he has been sleeping so I'm crossing my fingers we are back on track.

Maybe this sounds crazy to some people but I know my son, I know he needs sleep, and while some may be able to function without it he is not one of them. I try to remain flexible within our schedule but we do have a schedule, Declan certainly does have needs and I'm trying my best to meet them.............and every once in awhile he just needs reminding of how to help himself :) That's what we're here for sweet baby!

Jeez louise. Now just going to wait for the next fun stage ;)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mommy's little helper

So I know I told you he loves the washing machine and dryer right? Well he also loooooves the dishwasher! I was unloading it the other day so of course he had to run on over and help! Such a good little boy ;) Such a daddy's little boy ;) Clearly the clean gene did not come from me!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wake hoody

My youngest brother (my BABY bro!), Graham, is a senior in HS and is deep in the throws of choosing a college. Wake Forest is one of his tops and he went there a few weeks ago and came back with some goodies for Declan! Obviously I am a Wake fanatic so I put this little hoody on the boy and tried for a photo sesh. Here are some outtakes - he's beginning to revolt against the constant picture taking. This phase better pass quickly because while he might be a stubborn 10 month old, I will kick his butt in that dept - this camera ain't going anywhere buddy!!!!!!

He'll eat anywhere, we're not picky around here.

Such a polite fella with the feet crossed. Gotta teach him early!

YEAAA....get it buddy!

 Love watching him play and amuse himself. too cute!

Daddy's cereal box = goooooood toy

Friday, December 17, 2010


He looks a little out of it here but was finally able to snag a pic of the tooth!!!!!!! Yes, singular. He is 10 months with one tooth and none looking like they're going to pop anytime soon. Slow poke!

Chubby buddy!

Oh little buddy is just so chunky! It is too funny. I mean at least I hope its funny and not a serious issue...........................the kid loves his food, what can I say. Comes by it honestly.

Last time we were at the doc (about 3 weeks ago for his flu shot) he weighed in at a solid 22 lbs 1oz! YEA BOY!

 Would ya take a look at those legs!! SHOOOOWEE!!!!

Loving the little snowfall we had this am...

 Fantastic view of the quadriceps and cankles! THAT'S MY BOY :)


It's pretty cute - we are one of the last ones to drop off at daycare in the morning so all the kids are there and the minute we walk in the door the other kids yell "DECKIE!!!!" - I have no idea if that's how you spell it but you get the jist.

So in any case, Declan just love his little buddies at daycare and they love him and the combo of that is SO fun for me to see. Its just so stinkin' cute to see how happy he gets when the other kiddos crowd around his carseat. He starts waving his arms and legs, practically begging me to get him out ASAP so he can play. While there are certainly (most) days I wish I could stay home with the little buddy, I think him being around another caregiver and definitely other kids has just done wonders for him. He is as happy as a clam and seeing how excited he gets/the other kids get when he goes just confirms that for us, this is the right decision.

And ps, now I'm starting to call him "Deckie" :) Tammy (daycare provider) calls him "Lil Decs" which I also love. The nicknames have begun.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"My back hurts"

Now, usually, this is Paul's phrase and for the most part it comes after a big clean and he'll turn to me with a nice little smirk and says "man....my back is killing me" after which I always fall for it and ask why and he proceeds to say, "well umm hello, I'm carrying this family!" Oh Lord the number of times I've heard that......................

Ok but seriously, my back hurts. Declan's new favorite thing is holding on to both of my hands and walking. and walking. aaaand walking. he gets to one end of the room, turns, and goes to the other side.....and so on and so on. he is relentless. and he won't just hold on to one. has to be both.........no ifs ands or buts he's a little punk about it honestly. and my back HURTS! Dec, either grow a little or just let go of my hands and walk already :) That is all.

Love you buddy :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hudson Gardens!

Friday night we went down to Littleton with Bill, Emma and Lucas to see some beautiful Christmas lights! Hudson Gardens puts on a pretty sweet spectacle so we thought we would head down and check it out. This was before.........really the only time Declan was warm enough to smile - we had just gotten there, bundled up and started the trek thru the lights. Literally 2 minutes into our journey it started HOWLING, spitting either rain or hail I couldn't tell, but it was freezing, unbelievably windy and wet. Must say, little buddy was an absolute trooper and didn't cry once - just babbled and blew bubbles at Lucas :) We had a great night with the Hempens - regardless of the wind and rain. 

 night night!