C and D

C and D

Friday, April 27, 2012

This is what happens when Chris comes over...

Shoulders were slightly pulled out of their sockets and he was only dropped maybe five times. Other than that some good fun rough housing with the fellas :)

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The boys!

I love saying "the boys" :) here are the three of them squished on the back on our first road trip as a family of 4.

8 hours in the car and everyone survived!

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My little cuddle buddy. If he could he would sleep like this 24/7. And if I didn't have another child or husband, I'd gladly gladly let him...

Passed out on the way to Atl!!

More passed out :) father of the year right here. He sat btwn the two boys and held Carrigs hand/let decky play with his iPad to make the trip go semi smoothly.

Even more passed out

Mommy needed some sleep too.....

And if anyone wondered where c gets his triple chins from - now u know. Super attractive...

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Because Declan is mommys big helper.....

He got this special hat :)

Going to the grocery store with a two year old can be a challenge and going with a newborn and a 2 year old is extra special but I must say that Declan has been a gem. He really loves to help me put the items on the belt,
Swipe my card and flirt with the checkout lady. He is a cute human being (not biased) and very charming with the ladies so he usually scores a sticker or something like that but today - oh today - he got this bad boy!

Solid, Declan. Keep working it buddy ;)

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I've said it before, Declan has been amazing with Carrig. From day one. He has loved his little brother since the minute he saw him and for me that has been so cool to see. Even cooler is watching Carrig search all over for his big brother the second he hears his voice.

I was talking to a very good friend the day before I gave birth to carrig and I was just expressing about every concern I had......she's very much the calm voice I need in my life so it stands to reason that she was able to talk me off the ledge I was teetering on that day. She has three kids, two of whom are very close in age and she told me "to this day, I believe with all of my heart that the minute graham was born, gini became a better person and vice versa." - or something like that. The jist being, they have completed each others lives and made each other better. Making their lives better. And I would do anything on earth to make Declan's life better so if that means giving him a little brother - so be it :)
I prayed that night that the same would be true with Declan and Carrig and I think, so far, this is the case. I have so many hopes and dreams for their future and without projecting too much of that onto them, I do just hope they remain as tight as they are right now, only 7 weeks in. I hope forever that decky will run the minute he wakes up to give c a hug and kiss and I hope c will bend his head in all types of odd directions so he can see his brother and smile..........

I love them so much. And I am so glad they love each other.
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Playing in the rain.....

Kids have the life. They really do. I was totally jealous of Declan tonight. It was pouring rain so naturally we decided to go play in it! He had a blast, ran crazy for about 30 mins then came in, took a hot shower, got in his warmest onesie, snuggled with mommy and baby brother whilst reading some books then went to bed. So jealous.

Love him. Love his life.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Declan's first flower!

Yesterday at school decky planted a little flower in a cup and brought it home so we decided to plant it in our big garden!

He has about five pretzels in his mouth here. Excuse him.

We then decided to plant it with daddy's sunflowers!

Diggin the hole:

Watering the hole:

The watered hole :)

I have no idea what seed they planted but hopefully we will see soon!!

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who is cute?

Carrig is Carrig is!

YouTube Video

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Declan's standard MO

Laaaaiiiid back.

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Carrig's standard MO

Riding in the car suuuuuucks

But eating and cuddling with mommy rules.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Love them :)

He is a live wire, that little man.

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Sweet baby face

I don't have many pics like this because he's a bit of a finicky sleeper but oh he is sweet.....

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We had my favorite Easter to date.........Saturday my parents AND grandparents came into town and that alone was enough to make it great :) But they brought the puppies and my mom raided the best farmers market in Charlotte and brought down tons of yummy goodies. The weather was perfect and we grilled out, Gammy cuddled with Carrig and Decky played with GiGi and Pop Pop and the puppies.

Sunday was MASTERS SUNDAY so my dad and Paul were guh-lued to the television but in between commercials we managed to get outside for a little egg hunt ;) It was honestly just a wonderful weekend with family and we are so (for the 849302th time) glad we are closer to our families. Declan and Carrig are pretty happy too.....

my photogenic father ;) love you daddy!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a few great quotes...

Motherhood is about raising and celebrating the child you have, not the child you thought you would have. It’s about understanding that he is exactly the person he is supposed to be. And that, if you’re lucky, he just might be the teacher who turns you into the person you are supposed to be.” – Joan Ryan

I need to print this out and put it on my mirror, the dishwasher, the fridge, maybe Declan's forehead.................................

Daddy and his boy

Ever since it got warm enough to start doing yard work, Paul has been the man. And decky is obsessed with helping him............it is hilarious. They ride the tractor together, they fix sprinkler heads, they water plants, they pick weeds. It is just too funny but oh how much I love watching them together. Boys. I love mine.

Paul takes the big mower to cut the places he can't get the tractor and decky follows right behind. It kills me because I know in deckys head he is helping and actually mowing like daddy. Its fantastic.

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The little things...

We really have to steal moments these days....... Life is truly crazy and I would not, for a million dollars, (okay maybe a billion ;) ) dollars change it, but most days are a total blur so I'm trying to hold onto the little things.

Like this morning. I was nursing carrig in his room and he was so relaxed, a full belly and he had his hand across my belly and was just looking up smiling at me this huge grin that takes over his whole face and I thought my heart might burst. It was quiet (relatively - decky was already up and eating breakfast and I hear Paul yell at him, "no Declan stop that's my cereal" and I knowwww decky was halfway across the table crawling to get daddy's food) but it was at least quiet in the room, just me and my baby, snuggling and smiling at each other.

Like Paul bringing over his coffee to me this morning and giving me the last bit. He knows I can't have a full cup of caffeine :( so he saved a little and gave it to me even though I know he probably needed it himself.

Like Paul randomly bringing home a card for me last week. It made me cry - he is really so thoughtful and he wrote exactly what I needed to hear that day. He basically spoke right to my heart.....

Like crawling back into bed after an extra early morning feeding and holding hands and falling back asleep with my husband.

The little things. I'm clinging to them.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Car rides

Look like this:

Declan covering his ears and if u could hear this picture, you would be listening to an extremely unhappy, stubborn child. Why my kids refuse to fall asleep in the car is a mystery. And one I would like to solve ASAP.

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