C and D

C and D

Monday, April 9, 2012

A thought....

I was thinking this last night but my phone is the white noise machine for carrig so it was in his room and I couldn't blog buuuut my thought was this: life is so much more fun with kids.

Simple I know. But true. We had the best Easter yet and not that it was really an abnormal weekend, we didn't do anything crazy but just having Declan and Carrig in our lives make them so much more fun. Watching Declan look for his eggs, snuggling with c-man, seeing how amped decky gets when Gigi and pop pop are here and watching him show off and pull out every trick he has......

Last night I was just going over the weekend in my head and couldn't stop smiling. I just love my boys - they drive me ba-friggin-nanas but oh my word are they cool. Decky especially. He cracks me up almost every minute that he is awake.....oh I love them and am extraordinarily thankful that God has blessed me with them.

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