C and D

C and D

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


We had my favorite Easter to date.........Saturday my parents AND grandparents came into town and that alone was enough to make it great :) But they brought the puppies and my mom raided the best farmers market in Charlotte and brought down tons of yummy goodies. The weather was perfect and we grilled out, Gammy cuddled with Carrig and Decky played with GiGi and Pop Pop and the puppies.

Sunday was MASTERS SUNDAY so my dad and Paul were guh-lued to the television but in between commercials we managed to get outside for a little egg hunt ;) It was honestly just a wonderful weekend with family and we are so (for the 849302th time) glad we are closer to our families. Declan and Carrig are pretty happy too.....

my photogenic father ;) love you daddy!!!!!!