C and D

C and D

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The little things...

We really have to steal moments these days....... Life is truly crazy and I would not, for a million dollars, (okay maybe a billion ;) ) dollars change it, but most days are a total blur so I'm trying to hold onto the little things.

Like this morning. I was nursing carrig in his room and he was so relaxed, a full belly and he had his hand across my belly and was just looking up smiling at me this huge grin that takes over his whole face and I thought my heart might burst. It was quiet (relatively - decky was already up and eating breakfast and I hear Paul yell at him, "no Declan stop that's my cereal" and I knowwww decky was halfway across the table crawling to get daddy's food) but it was at least quiet in the room, just me and my baby, snuggling and smiling at each other.

Like Paul bringing over his coffee to me this morning and giving me the last bit. He knows I can't have a full cup of caffeine :( so he saved a little and gave it to me even though I know he probably needed it himself.

Like Paul randomly bringing home a card for me last week. It made me cry - he is really so thoughtful and he wrote exactly what I needed to hear that day. He basically spoke right to my heart.....

Like crawling back into bed after an extra early morning feeding and holding hands and falling back asleep with my husband.

The little things. I'm clinging to them.

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