C and D

C and D

Friday, April 13, 2012

The new 'do

So I LOVED Decky's hair. I love a shaggy headed little blonde hair blue eyed boy but ever since we got Decky's cut for the first time, the way it was growing out was just kind of weird......and semi-girl-like. Last Tuesday it was looking especially ripe, something had found its way in there and it was sticky and just all around not cute so Paul, like he does almost every night, looked at Decky and said he was going to shave his head and looked at me like "yea i know i know you hate the idea..........." For some reason that night though I was feeling it and said "alrighty, lets do it". Paul was shocked but didn't wanna lose the moment so before I knew it he had the clippers and had set up a little haircut station outside.

A little before:


hair in the mouth and slighty white trash looking............

STUD. look at that body. cmon now........if he doesn't turn out to be an athlete i'm not sure what i will do... ;) kidding. kind of.

The next morning before school. Big big big boy. 

And there you have it. Declan's summer cut. I have to say I actually love it now. Like really love it which is kind of shocking even to me but he is my son, I know, and I'm a little biased but he is so very handsome. And its SOOOO much easier. Now we'll see how this grows out :)