C and D

C and D

Monday, April 16, 2012

Declan Brady

Is just rocking my world these days. He's always had a bit of a cheeky, charming personality. He knows he's cute, he knows he's funny and hes also pretty smart therefore he knows he can get away with some sh*t. My sister in law is a teacher and she once said that he's gonna be that kid in your class who is a bit of a menace but you can't help but love and he's secretly your favorite..... :) and I couldn't agree more. When he smiles his dimpley smile it's pretty much over.

So anyhow, he's just been a mess these days. In a great way. In a "he is cracking me up every second" way. Yesterday was a gem of a day and I can't put all the pics and videos in one post because blogger is being a biatch so the next few posts will be from yesterday. Enjoy!

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