C and D

C and D

Friday, August 24, 2012

Morning rain fun

We've had some serious monsoons recently here and the other morning was no different. I have always loved playing in the rain myself (even as an adult - weird??? maybe) and Decky, being a boy, clearly loves to splash as much as possible in the stuff so instead of being stuck inside I took both boys out and Decky was in heaven. He still had his pjs on and he told me "shirt off, pants off, diaper off" so we (he) got naked and went to town!

Showing me his world! I love that hiney so much

 Carrig was totally fascinated with the monsoon and his crazy bro

Declan was totally fascinated with the gutter run off

Awesome morning with my boys......I can't wait until next year when C is joining in on the messy fun!

Little buddy

He's easily amused :)

YouTube Video

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just a couple randos

Because the look doesn't change. Only my shirts. I play outside in dirt 12 hours out of my day so why would I dry my hair, put on makeup, attempt to look like a lady? It ain't happening. Not for another 5 years.......again I will say - Paul is one lucky lucky man..........

And apparently that's the only face I know how to make at Carrig. Sweet.

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We miss daddy :(

Tonight marks the end of preseason 2012!!! Yeeehaaawwww!!!
This has been a loooonngg past couple of weeks so we are so glad to have Paul sort of back. Really, we still wont see much of him until november (i joke but im kind of serious) but it's better than not seeing him at all!
Last week I took the boys down to see him in the afternoon and this is what I saw:

I'm pretty sure Carrig could breathe out the top.........pretty sure :) but seriously they were so cute and they clearly missed Paul so very much.
There's little I love more in the world than seeing my boys all together and lovey dovey. Real men give hugs.

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Totally C's favorite game right now and I need to somehow video tape it because his laugh is awesome!! Love ya buddy!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Future daughter in laws bday party

We loooove kaylie. She is a total firecracker and can hang with the best of the boys on her worst day so it's no wonder decky loves her :) she gets in with the trucks and motorcycles and can hit a baseball better than him (kind of embarrassing???) She turned two last week and had a killer bday party. I'm glad I didn't know Kim when decky turned two because our party was not really in the same ballpark (pun intended) as this one :)

They had a petting zoo:

Two big jump houses:

One that had bubbles and water running thru it which decky thought was so cool.

And tons of fun people to take care of carrig while mommy was trying to keep
Decky from hurting himself:

It was really just an awesome way to spend our Saturday night. We love you kaylie and are so excited to welcome you into our family in 25 years :)

Kaylie giving carrig big kisses:

Declan, like I said, loves her so here he is trying to give her his drink. Such a gentleman. Totally unprompted:

He gives her more hugs and holds her hands (without me asking) than me alllll the time. Grrrr.....and so it begins.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Our best buddies

Are moving :( ugh! I can't even really begin to say how sad I am for this. Emily and Carl are decky and I's best friends here in myrtle beach and we have absolutely loved spending the last year with them. In the last year Emily and I both got pregnant, both had new little boys, watched our ornery toddlers turn into hilarious super sweet young men who ask about each other on a daily basis and it makes me ill thinking about not having them here anymore :( we have just so enjoyed spending so much of our time together....it's been extraordinarily difficult for me to find friends to walk thru this stage of life with but I'll be forever grateful that we had this year together....and hopefully even though they won't be 10 mins down the road, we will stay in touch and have half yearly playdates at the beach in Murrells inlet. At least that's our goal for right now...

Friday night the boys and I went over to their house one more time and had a blast. Declan and Carl played hide and seek for hours, Stephen slept and carrig just smiled at everyone. Good/typical night.
We will miss you, Massey's. Love ya tons and tons and tons...

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More fishin'!

This was the first fish that Paul and Declan caught without any help! Big milestone. For daddy mainly.....although he did make me take the fish off the hook because he "just feels so bad for it!!!! You do it you do it".

So manly :)

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Decky left me.....

So earlier in the Spring my mom offered up her lovely services and said she'd take Declan to the beach with her for a few days sometime this summer. Originally the plan was for her to take Declan and get some good GiGi/Decky QT and give me a little break and time with just Carrig....and I was SO looking forward to it. C is super easy so I figured I would get tons done, maybe catch up on some sleep, have lots of cuddle time and maybe even relax for more than 2 seconds. It was a really really.............really nice thought. As all plans do these days in my life, it didn't really work out that way on my end but  Declan did have an absolute blast with my parents and brother at the beach so good for you Declan.

I, on the other hand, was a wreck and called my mom every other hour and demanded FaceTime sessions every night so that I could see my little boy. Oh my word. To say I missed him would be a massive understatement. My heart just did not feel right without him right by my side...oh man, it was bad.

Thank you mom for taking Decky and as much as I missed him, it does me good knowing that he's in such wonderful hands and that he didn't miss me for a second. I mean, it kinda hurts my mom pride, but I'll deal ;) He loves you and Pop Pop and Boo Boo so much and had THE best time. Looking forward to tons more summer beach trips in our future. Next time, I'm going :)

This was the "special treat" GiGi gave him. Hopefully not every night....mommmmmmm......
This was the first pic my mom sent me of their trip and I kind of died a little inside. How sweet is this??? I missed him from that second until I got to hug him 5 days later.

 Oh the puppies! Can't forget Maddie and Chopper. They are Declan's best buds and stick by his side every second of the day. Even naptime. Love...

Idolizes his Uncle Boo Boo.....

Auntie Trace Face!!!!

When everything went down at CU at the beginning of this year, both Tracy and Chris were pretty stressed about what would happen to them and where they would end up next...Chris obviously ended up here working with Paul and crazy enough, Tracy ended up an hour and a half away at the College of Charleston! And its AWESOME. She came up a few weekends back and we had such a blast. Paul's cousin and her daughter were here as well so we had a big girls weekend....with Carrig. Paul was in camp and Declan was with my mom so it was seriously just girls and a baby. Sometimes you need those weekends :)

Tracy slept in Decky's bed. She was real excited about it.....and extra excited about the bed rail just in case she got crazy. Safety first at our house.

She made me drink. I hated it. ;) BIG ;)

Kathryn and C before bed one night...he looks a little asian here - tracyyyyyyy

Someone is very excited here. And someone is not....

LOVE this pic of lolly and carrig :)

Especially love this pic of his "coming out of the water face". He did so well though I promise!!

We are trying to plan a trip sometime this fall when the boys and I can get down to watch Auntie Trace Face coach em out down in Charleston and have a little sleepover. Can't wait!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Like I said.......

He likes to eat:

(how old does he look here??? Stop it!!!)

If he could jump out of his chair he would.

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Monday, August 13, 2012


I love you but dude you are gonna be grounded until you're 19 yrs old. Easy.
Last week I found u locked away in the computer room and you had clearly gotten into the chocolate balls when you weren't supposed to and they were allllll over you.

At least u have pretty eyes.

Then a couple day ago I went to get u after you were watching an Elmo and you had found a marker and drawn all over the desk, keyboard, chair anndddd yourself.

You really like to test me don't you. It's joyous.

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