C and D

C and D

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our best buddies

Are moving :( ugh! I can't even really begin to say how sad I am for this. Emily and Carl are decky and I's best friends here in myrtle beach and we have absolutely loved spending the last year with them. In the last year Emily and I both got pregnant, both had new little boys, watched our ornery toddlers turn into hilarious super sweet young men who ask about each other on a daily basis and it makes me ill thinking about not having them here anymore :( we have just so enjoyed spending so much of our time together....it's been extraordinarily difficult for me to find friends to walk thru this stage of life with but I'll be forever grateful that we had this year together....and hopefully even though they won't be 10 mins down the road, we will stay in touch and have half yearly playdates at the beach in Murrells inlet. At least that's our goal for right now...

Friday night the boys and I went over to their house one more time and had a blast. Declan and Carl played hide and seek for hours, Stephen slept and carrig just smiled at everyone. Good/typical night.
We will miss you, Massey's. Love ya tons and tons and tons...

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