C and D

C and D

Monday, August 13, 2012

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Early in July our very good friends, the Hempens, flew into Durham from Colorado and then drove down this way to hang out. It was very last minute and kind of spur of the moment but sometimes those are the BEST times and boy was it ever.

They came in Saturday and when they left Monday I literally felt like I could cry...........the Hempens have two kids and they came down with their good family friends from Duke, the Kimels, and they have two kids so those four munchkins and our two crazies were BFFs in about one minute and it was BIG.TIME.

I think my favorite part about the weekend was seeing Declan with Mac and Lucas. Like I've said on here, he can be a little difficult and isn't the most social child but for whatever reason he took to those two boys immediately and did every single thing that they did. He watched them like hawks and it's one of those, if you could have your kid be like anyone........it would be Mac and Lucas. They are such polite, well adjusted, hilarious, smart, athletic BOYS. I want Declan to have really good male figures in his life and these two are kind of perfect.

Mac held Declan in his lap for an hour and they watched Decky's beloved truck video and they laughed and talked about all the cool trucks on there. I peeked no less than 50 times on them.

Then Mac made their own monster truck rally situation

Then Lucas joined in for some car fun

Fun afternoon at the beach!

 LUUUUCCCCAASSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I moved to CO, he was a little older than Declan and he was the cutest, sweetest little dude you could possibly imagine and now he's THIS big. Holy balls.

Caroline and Lucas!

Steph and her mini me!

Decky wanted to surf baaaad with the Mac man.

Total mom. She bathed Decky for us a couple nights, she fed Carrig, burped him...the whole nine. She's a gem

 How many kids does it take to put a new outfit on a 4 month old?

 All the kiddies before dinner

 Declan having a pretty serious convo with the Mac man. I love more than life how Mac would sit so patiently and talk to Declan and he tried so so so hard to understand him and honestly, he did almost more than me. Those two bonded for LIFE!

Fave pic of the weekend

 Dinner by the intracoastal waterway. Good t's

Fam pic

Jack and C-man

 Jack bought Decky a fishing rod so one night we all fished in the back behind our house and caught about 9034 of these guys

Steph and Lucas!

Lucas and C cuddlefest

BYE CAROLINE, EMMA, LUCAS AND MAC - miss y'all tons!

One of my favorite moments of this weekend was one time that Declan took his glasses off for the 438902th time and threw them and I kind of got on him about it. Maybe not in the nicest way. A few minutes later I saw Declan and Mac in the corner and Mac was talking so sweet to him and said, "Declan, you have to listen to your mommy. Good boys listen to their mommies. You have to keep your glasses on...ok?" And Declan said "ok" and didn't take them off the rest of the morning. 

Lesson learned for me. From a 9 year old boy.