C and D

C and D

Monday, July 30, 2012

A lot of catching up to do....

From the end of June until last week, we had visitors. It was Hotel Hogan over here and we had the best month ever, but it was nooot conducive to blogging. I really don't even know where to begin, I'm slightly overwhelmed but slowly but surely this week I'm gonna give it a crack........
Promise! Cross my heart!

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This guy:

Turned 5 months over the weekend. Hurt me. He is the most beautiful, sweet, laid back little dude I could possibly imagine and that's saying a lot because Declan was all of those at 5 months as well....and I thought my heart might burst then. Well times it by a hundred and that's how much I love you, Carrig.
Thanks for being so rad.
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Decky Doo

There are a number of different little things that Declan has done recently that might not be cool for anyone else, but moments I want to remember so on the blog they go......

I remember when I was younger how a hug from mommy or a kiss made everything better. Whether it was a skinned finger or a torn ACL, nothing made it feel better until my mom was there to MAKE it better. Decky is the same way...clearly mommy kissing your busted up knee does not heal the pain, but he stops crying immediately and I will say that's a pretty cool feeling to be able to be the one to "make him feel better" even if I'm really not doing anything medically, per se.

The other night Declan was giving me a hug and he looked at my face and said "uh oh, mommy boo boo....kiss boo boo" - it was a zit, but I really appreciate the thought.

A couple days ago we were having a tickle fest and my shirt came up in the back and he, again, said "ooohhhh mommy boo boo, kiss boo boo" and he kissed my...basically my butt. It was my tattoo, but as before, love the thought, Dec :)

I was feeding Carrig yesterday morning in our room and Declan came in to say hi and "nooo feed!!!" but once we talked about how Carrig needs breakfast just like Decky does, he was cool and was almost out the door when he saw some (dirty) clothes on the floor and without me saying A word, he came back in, grabbed them all up in his arms and went to throw them away in the laundry room. He's a clean FREAK. does nooooot get this from me.

Same idea, he spilled some water on the floor and immediately ran into the kitchen to grab a towel, ran back in and wiped it all up. I love it so much, its so cute to watch his mind work and kind of take care of his house the way he sees mommy and daddy do it.

We are NOT potty training but in the past week Declan has gone on the potty twice, all by himself - this is what it looks like:
**he climbs up and then holds on to the back, balances himself on his knees and lets loose. Talent.**

He got cake for doing this and so in his sweet 2 yr old mind, everyone should get cake and basically be thrown a party for going pee pee in the potty so a couple nights ago, right after Decky went, Paul went and Declan started cheering so loud and going "daddy cake, daddy cake!!!" hahaha!! Oh I love it. It was hysterical and yayyyyy for Paul! You're such a big boy, daddy!!!!!! ;)

I think that's it for now but I wanted to get these down before............life happens, and I forget.

Love you, Declan Brady. So much.

Monday, July 9, 2012

When in South Carolina.....

Learn how to unhook a fish from your rod.......

YouTube Video

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More twinsies

Obvi I am on the left. This is when I was a whopping, extraordinarily chubby 3 month old but when I saw this pic at my parents house I immediately thought of my little baby boy. Thoughts!?!?!?!

Love you, my little twin! 

Little buddies

Left is Decky, Right is Carrig
Decky is about a month older in these pics but they still look so similar to me.......I think the hat's a little stretched out from Declan's monster head so now its loose but still really flipping cute. 

Love these boys. Love love love.

July 4th!

We had a bit of a crazy day but it was great to see the fam :) my aunt and cousins flew in from Cali, my brother flew down from NYC, my parents and grandparents drove down from Charlotte all to hang out! They had an awesome condo down in north Myrtle so we spent the day there.
Poor Declan woke up with some bad allergies or a cold or something but either way he was snotty, sneezy, coughing and a little pissy. Luckily my fam is wonderful and didn't judge him or his attitude and kept him busy at the pool and beach!
Gammy and Grandy took on carrig duty and held him for basically 6 hours straight. Gammy loves herself a baby!!!
Myrtle Beach on July 4th is out of control so maybe our next family reunion can be in November ;) love you guys though and so thankful you all made the trek down here and we got to spend some time together!

Uncle D finally got to meet carrig!!!! <3

The "James" boys!

This is what decky did for an hour.........

Pretty cousins!

Carrig is sort of in love with grace. She's pretty cute so I'll give it to him - good taste buddy :)

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As I said...

I measure Carrig a lot because my mom is holding my baby scale hostage and I can't weigh him to make sure he's gaining weight so I've resorted to measuring his length........

And Declan is my fantastic assistant.

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This guy:

Weighed in at 16lbs 11oz today but he had a full pee diaper and a onesie on so my guess is he's a good 16lbs 4oz, somewhere around there. The nurse, who was not bright, also measured his head and length but she was so off I cannot even report results. I've measured him a lot and he is a little over 25in but his head I have no clue. Hopefully bigger than at 2 mos????
Here you are before your appt, little buddy:

You did not look like that leaving, thank you vaccinations.

Luckily though, your big bro was there to hold your hand and tell you, "eets otay, tarrig" :) he also tried to give you his blue "ya ya pop" to make you feel better but luckily mommy ran interference on that move.

Love you so much, you big 4 month old. Slow it down please.....

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Nana and Pop

Love them. They go so far and above to help us out and often make the 7 hr trek from Atl to here, which they did again last week. Nana had to get her baby fix in...

Declan was especially pleased they were here because Friday night they took decky out for his first banana split and boyyyyy did he enjoy that.

Good til the laaaast drop.

Love you nana and pop. Thanks for being awesome.

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Happy Birthday, Pop!!!

Nana and Pop were here last week and we actually (my first time and Paul's first since he was in HS) got to spend to spend Pops birthday with him! Carrig far him some special loving:

YouTube Video

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Real food time

Take 1:

YouTube Video

It didn't go very well

Take 2:

Seems to know what's coming his way and he is not pleased about it.

Yep yep. Still not pleased.

I think we will give him a few weeks off and then try again.....

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Ben Keadle:

I can play the serious "wtf mom" face game too:

I can't wait to meet you!!!!!!

Love you and your mommy!

Carrig Hogan

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Sunday, July 1, 2012


Watching the Euro Final:

Go Spain!!!

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Potty training

But he does have horrible diaper rash (for the 66639173th time) so we took off his diaper and let him air out. We talked A LOT about telling mommy or daddy when he needed to go pee or poopy to let us know and we'd take him to the potty.
He disappeared for a second so we followed him and guess where he was? Peeing! On the big boy potty! Which is shocking because he's about 2 foot tall so how he made it in there I have no clue but there was pee on the seat and pee in the toilet! Oh my word. We praised the hell out of him and nana even got him a donut :)
It was so random but then this morning he was playing naked again, thank you diaper rash, and he pooped. In the garden.........but he was very proud no less and we now have a very special fertilizer ;)

So he got to try on his special big boy undies:

His little butt in those things.....oh I coulda died right there.
So cute.
And five minutes later they were in the laundry because he peed everywhere.
Worth a shot though! One day soon here im gonna really buckle
down and do this dang thing.

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New bed, new bed

This is not a new bed. He has been in it almost 2 months now but I guess the excitement has yet to wear off???

YouTube Video

He's really winding down huh? Good times.

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Bath time

Declan is suppppppoooosed to be in the big bath, clearly, but he insists on sitting in the little one with his brother. I take carrig out first to get him ready and leave Declan in to play and again, he stays in the baby tub.

Regression continues.....

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4 monther

Hello little monkey!

You are now 4 months old! And you are amazing. You truly are a little gem (I say this sarcastically about your bro but I'm serious about you :)).

Currently you:
Smile all day long. I kid you not. Like big, eyebrow raising, forehead moving, tongue out smiles. Your daddy told me earlier "that smile really brightens up my life" and in the uncheesiest way possible.

Like/totally love to be cuddled all day every day.

Like/totally love to be talked and sung to. And you like to join in our your brothers dance parties every once in awhile.

Are a massive water baby. Bath time is a huge fave

Are napping a liiiiittle better. You're settling into your morning nap well but your other naps are a little shorter. We are lucky to get an hour at a time....

Just when we got you out of the swaddle and sleeping well at night again, you decided to start flipping so now we are working on that because u refuse to sleep on your back. Always something!

You aren't a huge fan of tummy time......we are lucky to get 5 mins out of ya.

Drool like a madman

Never really throw up. Or poop. Kinda weird.

Are obsessed with tv. Nursing you used to be a sweet quiet time where I could catch up on some tv......not anymore. You arch your back so far so that whatever angle you're at u can see. Not really all that cool.

I think u want to eat food in a bad way. At every meal u reach for our forks and/or food like a way bigger boy than u are. In the next week or so I think we will start u on some rice and see how ya do.

Speaking of food, you have already had a pea and a Cheerio. Thanks Declan.

Still a little iffy on car rides. Still a lot of screaming going on......

Watch every move (good and bad) your brother makes. You are going to be a smart cookie and hopefully a good
Decision maker after watching declan make a lot of baaad moves first :)

I'll have your stats after your appt next week so we will update then.

Whatever you weigh (a lot) and however long you are (not very), you need to know that your mommy, daddy and brother love you more than I think we really ever thought we could. I will always remember how worried I was about loving another child like I do your brother but oh my word...........Carrig, my heart, it's just overflowing.

Happy 4 month birthday my dear.

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