C and D

C and D

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 4th!

We had a bit of a crazy day but it was great to see the fam :) my aunt and cousins flew in from Cali, my brother flew down from NYC, my parents and grandparents drove down from Charlotte all to hang out! They had an awesome condo down in north Myrtle so we spent the day there.
Poor Declan woke up with some bad allergies or a cold or something but either way he was snotty, sneezy, coughing and a little pissy. Luckily my fam is wonderful and didn't judge him or his attitude and kept him busy at the pool and beach!
Gammy and Grandy took on carrig duty and held him for basically 6 hours straight. Gammy loves herself a baby!!!
Myrtle Beach on July 4th is out of control so maybe our next family reunion can be in November ;) love you guys though and so thankful you all made the trek down here and we got to spend some time together!

Uncle D finally got to meet carrig!!!! <3

The "James" boys!

This is what decky did for an hour.........

Pretty cousins!

Carrig is sort of in love with grace. She's pretty cute so I'll give it to him - good taste buddy :)

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