C and D

C and D

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Potty training

But he does have horrible diaper rash (for the 66639173th time) so we took off his diaper and let him air out. We talked A LOT about telling mommy or daddy when he needed to go pee or poopy to let us know and we'd take him to the potty.
He disappeared for a second so we followed him and guess where he was? Peeing! On the big boy potty! Which is shocking because he's about 2 foot tall so how he made it in there I have no clue but there was pee on the seat and pee in the toilet! Oh my word. We praised the hell out of him and nana even got him a donut :)
It was so random but then this morning he was playing naked again, thank you diaper rash, and he pooped. In the garden.........but he was very proud no less and we now have a very special fertilizer ;)

So he got to try on his special big boy undies:

His little butt in those things.....oh I coulda died right there.
So cute.
And five minutes later they were in the laundry because he peed everywhere.
Worth a shot though! One day soon here im gonna really buckle
down and do this dang thing.

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