C and D

C and D

Sunday, July 1, 2012

4 monther

Hello little monkey!

You are now 4 months old! And you are amazing. You truly are a little gem (I say this sarcastically about your bro but I'm serious about you :)).

Currently you:
Smile all day long. I kid you not. Like big, eyebrow raising, forehead moving, tongue out smiles. Your daddy told me earlier "that smile really brightens up my life" and in the uncheesiest way possible.

Like/totally love to be cuddled all day every day.

Like/totally love to be talked and sung to. And you like to join in our your brothers dance parties every once in awhile.

Are a massive water baby. Bath time is a huge fave

Are napping a liiiiittle better. You're settling into your morning nap well but your other naps are a little shorter. We are lucky to get an hour at a time....

Just when we got you out of the swaddle and sleeping well at night again, you decided to start flipping so now we are working on that because u refuse to sleep on your back. Always something!

You aren't a huge fan of tummy time......we are lucky to get 5 mins out of ya.

Drool like a madman

Never really throw up. Or poop. Kinda weird.

Are obsessed with tv. Nursing you used to be a sweet quiet time where I could catch up on some tv......not anymore. You arch your back so far so that whatever angle you're at u can see. Not really all that cool.

I think u want to eat food in a bad way. At every meal u reach for our forks and/or food like a way bigger boy than u are. In the next week or so I think we will start u on some rice and see how ya do.

Speaking of food, you have already had a pea and a Cheerio. Thanks Declan.

Still a little iffy on car rides. Still a lot of screaming going on......

Watch every move (good and bad) your brother makes. You are going to be a smart cookie and hopefully a good
Decision maker after watching declan make a lot of baaad moves first :)

I'll have your stats after your appt next week so we will update then.

Whatever you weigh (a lot) and however long you are (not very), you need to know that your mommy, daddy and brother love you more than I think we really ever thought we could. I will always remember how worried I was about loving another child like I do your brother but oh my word...........Carrig, my heart, it's just overflowing.

Happy 4 month birthday my dear.

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