C and D

C and D

Friday, June 21, 2013


Me: "ummm Declan, did u just spray (like I have told you not to do 361946 times) shaving cream all over your brother?"

Declan: "no mommy! No I did not. I did not."


The evidence is pretty clear in this case......

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big boy

Is really wanting to feed himself these days. With utensils.
Usually he wants a big fork which is out of the question so he settles for the baby ones. He is nooooottttt good at it but he does try hard :)

Sometimes it's just easier to use your fingers and stuff your face with biscuits and gravy. I understand, buddy. Completely.

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Super flattering angle. My little model.

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Swimming babies

Declan is getting better! The other day I took the boys myself in the morning to the pool so Declan had to man up a bit and did awesome!!! There were literally multiple occasions where he was just hanging in the water,
All by himself! Just treading, going under, coming back up - I was so proud of him! Gosh.....gettin so big.

Here he is at our neighbors after work one day being a big boy!

YouTube Video

And little buddy is doing great too :)

He is crazy. But I'm so proud of his crazy butt....

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nap time

Yesterday Declan Paul and I were just hanging out and it was late and nap time for decky (and mommy) and I wanted to lay and all cuddle together.
Sounded really good in my head....

After an hour and a half he finally fell asleep like this:

Hands down his pants. What a dude.

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The veg

The amount of vegetables we have currently is pretty ridiculous. Between our CSA shares and our personal garden, we are rolling in the veg. It is.....awesome!!! Summer is being very good to us....

The other morning stealing blueberries the minute our farmer fella dropped them off! About half the bag is already gone.......thanks d.

This morning helping me harvest. Dump truck coming in handy!!!

Just today. Tomorrow we will get more.......holy crap!

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Like my brother does.......

I have been thinking so much about what an important role the older sibling plays. Usually I go deep and think about Paul and I (both the oldest) and what roles we played in our younger siblings lives then I go off thinking just how much I want to teach Declan to be a good big brother. That every decision and action will effect not just himself, but also Carrig because he watches..............everything.

But for now, it's pretty simple.

Everything Declan does, Carrig will at least try.

Take note, big buddy. Little buddy wants to be just like you.......

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Glide bike boy

He is starting to really get pretty good on this thing. And brave. He is such a little dude.........unreal.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Thumbs up for 15 months!

Well isn't this just a funny little trick. Somehow, time is slipping very very quickly away from mommy and daddy and Carrig is somehow already 15 months old. WHAT??????
Carrig, you are still the cutest, cuddliest little dude around. With really long hair. And a smile to die for. And a large rear end only balanced out by an equally monster belly.
You are so funny and are really starting to show your personality. I'm loving finding out some of your likes and dislikes.
Current likes: SHOES. OMG - the shoes....you require them at all times. We were at the pool a couple days ago with our friends and you swam with them because you are that obsessed.
Also obsessed with ducks in the back, birds in the sky, airplanes and motorcycles.
One of your only words is "cheers" and i'm not sure what that says about your future. Kind of has my worried for your college years.
You have an egg allergy. That's the only one I've been able to nail down....awesome.
You still refuse milk out of a cup so you take a bottle before bed and sometimes in the am. I have been saying this for three months but seriously, we are going to work on getting rid of the fracking bottle soon here. Prepare yourself.
Still biiiiig on the paci. Not fighting that battle yet.
You do not play with toys and it kind of drives me crazy. Unless Declan has it. Then you want it. You go from one thing to the next every few seconds and mainly just want to be around people. If you could play "chase" with Declan or jump with mommy or daddy on the trampoline all day or drive your car or ride a bike you would be happy. Or eat. Oh, you like to eat. A lot. You kind of just want to be a big boy and think you are.
You are a fish. You jump in the pool like a big kid and just hang out, swimming around. Same goes with the beach. You walk out until you get knocked down, you get up, then walk further. Water babies.....
Dancing! You have awesome moves. And like your brother, you LOVE Maroon 5 :) haha!!! Everytime "Daylight" comes on either mommy's phone or the radio, you put your hands up and say "daylight" (or something like it) and dance like a crazy person it is hilarious.
All of a sudden you've come on strong with the stranger danger. We got beeped the other week at church because you were so miserable in the nursery. Its good times.
You are growing, I think. The other day we went in to get you up at 10:45. ANTE MERIDIEM!!!!! That's ridiculous. Then you slept 2 hours for your nap.
Speaking of growing...You were 27.5lbs and 30.5 inches at your appt :) So growing you are...
We just love you more than life, little buddy. You are so funny and very seriously make us the happiest parents are earth. There is nothing like being your mommy.......thanks for being phenomenal.

Goodnight sweet curly haired baby.....

Mean face

This is his latest. All the time he's like "mommy...yook at my mean face....carrigggggggggggg YOOK AT MY MEAN FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

The mean face is hardly mean when it makes you laugh every.single.time but it is funny watching him.

Here he is at daddy's work and Chris decided to chain him up. Hardcore buddy. Haaaardcore.

New fave


They are such a mess. Love these two maniacs.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Yuh oh

Declan and I headed out for a late afternoon ride yesterday and this is what we ran into.....

It was so much fun!!! Seriously. Declan and I were literally sprinting/riding running in and out of the rain hiding under trees, blowing in the hurricane winds. So my son :)

Paul ended up having to come get us tho bc the thunder and lightning came on quick so he loaded C up in the car to come grab us......I was almost bummed but I suppose safety doessssss come first.

Good times with my little buddy!

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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Beach day!

We had an awesome beach day on Wednesday with Kim, kaylie and baby jax.

They played and played and my boys ate and ate (it is absolutely ridiculous what those kids consume daily), and all of a sudden it was 2:00 and definitely past nap time.

We love hanging with our future in laws. Always always always a good time.

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"It was a so nice day mommy..."

-Declan Brady

Yes it was little buddy.
Paul travels a lot so when he is home it is so so sooooo nice. The boys especially love it. Declan will sometimes look at me in the morning with this super innocent but surprised face and go "Mommy, daddy is home!!" and he's so excited. Pretty sure Paul doesn't ever get tired of hearing that....

So anyhow, nothing special. We didn't do anything big. We hung out here, cleaned our garage, I transferred C's old clothes out of his closet, Decky's old clothes into C's room, played with the neighbors, made chocolate chip pancakes, went to church, did some gardening and finished the weekend off with a park trip and grilling out tonight. It was what a summer weekend should be.

Declan needed a Mohawk trim and Paul (who thinks he is super funny) gave Declan a reverse hawk. He's now bald because of this little stunt. C'mon hair, grow quick........

Carrig thinks he is something on this tractor. He climbs up on it no less than 8 times a day.

Walking to the park!

Big boy on the swing!!

Grillin' it up

What is better than grilled veggies???? Especially the almost burnt parts? Do tell.