C and D

C and D

Sunday, June 2, 2013

"It was a so nice day mommy..."

-Declan Brady

Yes it was little buddy.
Paul travels a lot so when he is home it is so so sooooo nice. The boys especially love it. Declan will sometimes look at me in the morning with this super innocent but surprised face and go "Mommy, daddy is home!!" and he's so excited. Pretty sure Paul doesn't ever get tired of hearing that....

So anyhow, nothing special. We didn't do anything big. We hung out here, cleaned our garage, I transferred C's old clothes out of his closet, Decky's old clothes into C's room, played with the neighbors, made chocolate chip pancakes, went to church, did some gardening and finished the weekend off with a park trip and grilling out tonight. It was what a summer weekend should be.

Declan needed a Mohawk trim and Paul (who thinks he is super funny) gave Declan a reverse hawk. He's now bald because of this little stunt. C'mon hair, grow quick........

Carrig thinks he is something on this tractor. He climbs up on it no less than 8 times a day.

Walking to the park!

Big boy on the swing!!

Grillin' it up

What is better than grilled veggies???? Especially the almost burnt parts? Do tell.