C and D

C and D

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Instagram life once more

I have lots and lots of catching up to do but here are a few of my faves over the last week:

Passed out on the way back from Charlotte. Busy few days :) you think he is comfy???

Loves his new hat. Too bad we live unmmmmmm at the beach now!!!!!! Oopsy

My mullet baby

27 weeks big

Watching the "elf on the shelf" DVD from nana!

Clapping for daddy while he puts up Christmas lights

Little copycat

My dad sent this puppy to the hospital the day Declan was born and he fell in love with it all over again today. Took him everywhere. And kissed him every 3 seconds

Sour lemon!

My blue eyed beauty. And his puppy

Helping daddy peel apples for their tgiving apple pie!

..............more to come later :)

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hail storm!!

Declan and I went over to the old house today to pick up some trash etc and decided to go for a walk and hit up the park. Well about halfway thru the walk (and over a mile from the house!) the hail started. And then came some intense wind. And off Declan and I ran. Or rather, my fat pregnant butt was sprinting, pushing my poor son in the stroller who was crying because the hail was smoking him in the face. Luckily we made it to the mail boxes where there was a little cover:

But then on the way back to the house this is what we saw:

The storm had knocked this tree over. Sweet........

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I asked Declan to go get his shoes so we could go outside and play and this is what he brought me.

So we went to the park in our cleats today! And fell everywhere :)

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Pain in the @$$!

For real.

I have sciatica. For the past 2 weeks I've had some pretty horrible pains down there, ya know, which is what it is but last week I also started having some serious pain in my left butt cheek whenever I would sit. And it would shoot up my lower back. I thought maybe it was a function of just moving and the stress that comes along with it etc but it hasn't gone away and just seems to be getting worse so I finally called my doctor today to ask what the heeeeell is going on in my butt. Before I could really even finish she said "oh yep, that's your sciatic nerve". Which I was dreading. And the other part I was dreading, "that it will probably get worse until you give birth", she said. Awesome.

Little little buddy is really giving me a run for my money!!!!! Declan was SUCH a breeze and this pregnancy has been different in every way that it could be. Its so funny, I just can't believe how different they already are. I suppose this is just getting me ready for dealing with their different personalities/likes/dislikes/etc etc etc. Phew. I'm already tired thinking about it......I must say though, no matter how hard this has been and literally, how little little buddy is already a pain in my butt, I love him so much and I can't wait to meet him. Actually, yes I can. I will deal with the shooting pain. I'd much prefer that than an early baby so keep cooking little man, if you want to hang in as long as your brother that is fine. I know this is not permanent and when its all said and done, you are MORE than worth it. Love you. Just please be nice....


This kid is in love with hummus. LOVE. It's ridiculous. It's all his too because after he dunks slobbery carrots in for the 3728th time you want no part of it so he's a little sneaky about keeping it to himself.....

Look how happy it makes him :)

On another note, by 12:30 today he had eaten a massive bowl of frosted mini wheats for breakfast, came over to sit in my lap and finish off my cereal then proceeded to go sit on Paul's lap and finish his oatmeal. Then he had a whole banana. Then basically the entire grocery store trip he ate grapes....so 30 mins straight he ate grapes. Then we came home and he had a pre-lunch snack of carrots and hummus. Then for his actual meal he had a ham/cheese/spinach sandwich. Unreal. I have to believe he's going thru a growth spurt because the amount of food this child has been consuming the past few days scares me. What is gonna happen when he is 15???????? OMG.

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Date night

With my main man, Declan Brady. We went to old navy to try on some winter clothes for little buddy then played........

ate dinner..........and then little little buddy wanted ice cream so obviously I had to give him some :) and decky enjoyed it as well!

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Foam pit!

We went back to the gym today and had fun in the foam pit............. It took me about 25 minutes to get out of there but that's besides the point :)

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A few things about the boy right now......

-He kisses EVERYTHING. seriously. tonight he kissed the water in the shower. when he says "bye bye" (which we have to do in order to avoid a serious meltdown) to something he wants to kiss and give it a hug so tonight, in the shower, when we were done, he said "bye bye wawa" and leaned in for a hug and a kiss. hilarious and beyond cute to watch.
-He is full on in the terrible 2's. i'm scared for what's ahead, truly. he has a really bad temper and is more than willing to show it to you. very stubborn and VERY into asserting himself and what he wants/feels like he needs :) we have so so so many talks per day about not screaming, not throwing things, not hitting our heads against the sofa etc that it is really exhausting.
-along these lines - i am learning just how important it is to be CONSISTENT. again, with all the talks we have a day it would be so easy to skip one or just give up for a little bit (which i want to do a lot, trust...) but i do see tiny bit by tiny bit him improving............so that means hopefully by the time he's 16 he won't be throwing himself against the wall when I say "no buddy, we already watched the elmo song today".
-along THOSE lines - he LOVES elmo. love love love. he doesn't watch tv, he just doesn't sit still long enough but on youtube there's an elmo alphabet song that's about 2 mins long and he looooooooves. he asks for "melmo" a minimum of 15 times per day.
-he knows his colors and the best way to test him is to ask about..................trucks! he can tell you all the colors on all his trucks which is very cool. "wewwo (yellow), booooo (blue), raaaa (red), geeen (green)"
-he also loves to draw circles. well he loves to draw, period, but he likes circles and anything with a circle he will trace with his finger
-he has a crazy weird memory and i don't know if most kids or like this or what BUT my dad has a photographic memory and i'm kind of thinking decky does too.
-super into horsies ("neighs") right now
-humongous mama's boy. and i do love it, really i do, but sometimes mama needs a break!!!! yesterday morning paul got up with decky and let me sleep.........for about 2 minutes until i heard declan crying "mama.....mama........MAMA". paul also was going to put him to bed last night and decky looked at me and stuck his lip out and started his fake crying. haha. oh my gosh i mean it was so cute but a) he was faking and b) he was fine the second he was out of the room. good try, buddy.
-such a big boy. doesn't even sit in his booster anymore, he sits in a real chair, uses real utensils, doesn't let me feed him a thing. i also haven't fixed him a kiddie version of our dinner in weeks like sometimes i would do in the past, he's just eating whatever it is mommy felt like cooking for that night!
-still the light of our lives. as hard as somedays are right now, and as ornery as he can be, inevitably by bath time he is a little gem and watching him run around naked, cuddling with him with his teddy bears and reading, singing right before bed, its like you forget what the day held.............no matter how frustrating :) he has a charm about him that will dangerous as he gets older. love my boy. love love love love looooove.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

24.5 weeks

That's a large little man in there. I'll update soon but everything looked/sounded good at my appt last week. I've been having really horrible round ligament pain down in "that" region for about a week now and my guess is it's because this little one is so so much lower than Declan was. Which in one way is great BC I've had minimal heartburn, but this pain and soreness is making me waddle already. I didn't have this with Declan until the last week when I was overdue. So thats cool.......

Sure the move and stress isn't helping matters but hopefully this goes away soon! The good news is that we did this now and not when I was REALLY huge!! Phew!

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The other morning my mom brought Declan into our room to show me what my little stripper woke up like.

He is getting mighty close to taking off his shirts by himself but hasn't figured out pants yet. Yet. :)

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I have so much catching up to do on here and hopefully over the next week or so I'll get to it but for now: Halloween!!

We went over to our friend's house, Emily, Ben and little Carl, and had a blast. Emily made a delicious dinner that fortified us for the trick or treating ahead! Decky and Carl rode in the wagon around the neighborhood and loaded up on candy for mommy and daddy! Declan was good for about 45 mins and then started getting realllllllly pissed off at Paul and I for not letting him eat the candy so he threw one last delightful little fit and we decided to call it good for the night. We went back to the house where he and Carl played for about two hours and gave the grown ups time to actually chat and hang out. Completely foreign concept to me. I had forgotten what that was like...........but it was so so nice. All around it was a really wonderful night and I feel so lucky that we are finally starting to make some friends here.....................been a very long time coming!

This would have been a great pic but Paul the arteeeeeest had the camera on some funky setting. awesome.

1st house! Superman and the giraffe with their daddies!

Both signing "thank you" to the nice gentleman. Pretty cute.

Big boy coming back from his first trip up by himself

Big hugs from Carl to end the night

Saturday, November 5, 2011


We are in the thick of it right now and it's been a super long day but I'm waiting for some takeout to be ready and had a few pics of decky I wanted to post :) he's suuuuuch a big help. If help is ornery and needy at super inopportune times but always always ALWAYS damn cute and lovable.

Things turned around for him when the big truck showed up. Nothing like a truck to put a smile on this child's face :)

Dream come true - riding in the big truck with dada!!!!

Couldn't be more pleased.

Off for last trip of the day.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

This face....

Is the face of a pouncer. He is so into jumping on you these days..... It could be from a couch to the floor, or the floor to the floor, or chair to couch, whatever..... He isn't picky. But e likes to jump on people. Especially mommys belly :) here he is on our new couch at our new house ready to pounce. He has got that little mischievous look on his face and u know something's coming :)

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Diaper Rash

Is the absolute bain of my existence. Declan has always had really sensitive skin and he's ALWAYS been super prone to get bad diaper rash. He usually gets it when he's cutting teeth. Or when we visit my parents (something in the water does nooot agree with him there, its like almost immediate). Or when he's had an extreme amount of fruit and sits in a poopy all night long (talk about a burn.....). Or apparently now after ice cream and candy on Halloween.

I really don't know what in particular caused this current case but yesterday what came out of his rear end was just horrible and he had a good case going into bed last night and woke us up screaming bloody murder at 245am this morning. Poor fellow. Oh I just felt so horrible. His butt was literally glowing in the dark. The way he wretches away from you when he sees a wipe is just enough to make me cry....its so sad and little buddy has gotten pretty much whatever he wanted today. I have not lost my temper once, not raised my voice, not put him in time out, nothing. He is walking around like he just got off a 24 hour horsie ride and is in so much pain :( It kills me. So mommy is being extra nice and understanding. For today....

Reason #48392 why I can't wait until he is potty trained :) Which will probably be 4 years from now but whatevs.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sous chef Declan

Declan is, for an unpredictable and sometimes moody toddler, extremely helpful. He closes doors when they're open. He pushes chairs under the table when we are done eating. He puts his books away when I ask him. And he love love looooves to help me cook :) really. He is a part of every lunch, dinner and snack. Here is was yesterday helping me with the banana bread!

And obviously we needed to taste test. It passed :)

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Thompson Farm!

So there is this AWESOME farm that Decky and I went to over the summer to get veggies and I met the owner and he kinda gave me a tour and told me about all their fall festivities. Which.........for about 3 months I was excited for an we JUST got over there on Sunday. Finally. One day before October was over. One day before Halloween. Cutting it close there, Hogans......

In any case, it lived up to what I was imagining. They had a very cool corn maze, tons and tons of farm equipment turned toys for little kids, a tractor ride that led you right up to the cows/goats/pigs so you got to feed them out of your hand, and a nice little pumpkin patch where we picked two babies for our two babies :) I have 60 some odd pics from the farm but here are a few:

and this I just thought was hilarious. they had a tic tac toe board set up and the "o"'s were old toilet seats........delightful.

Great little afternoon and we will for sure be back. They do a CSA that I already told Paul we're buying into next year which I can't wait for! The people that run this farm are extremely nice, super knowledgable, very professional and whenever we can support local businesses like this one we will. GO LOCAL. Boom.