C and D

C and D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I have so much catching up to do on here and hopefully over the next week or so I'll get to it but for now: Halloween!!

We went over to our friend's house, Emily, Ben and little Carl, and had a blast. Emily made a delicious dinner that fortified us for the trick or treating ahead! Decky and Carl rode in the wagon around the neighborhood and loaded up on candy for mommy and daddy! Declan was good for about 45 mins and then started getting realllllllly pissed off at Paul and I for not letting him eat the candy so he threw one last delightful little fit and we decided to call it good for the night. We went back to the house where he and Carl played for about two hours and gave the grown ups time to actually chat and hang out. Completely foreign concept to me. I had forgotten what that was like...........but it was so so nice. All around it was a really wonderful night and I feel so lucky that we are finally starting to make some friends here.....................been a very long time coming!

This would have been a great pic but Paul the arteeeeeest had the camera on some funky setting. awesome.

1st house! Superman and the giraffe with their daddies!

Both signing "thank you" to the nice gentleman. Pretty cute.

Big boy coming back from his first trip up by himself

Big hugs from Carl to end the night