C and D

C and D

Sunday, September 30, 2012

These make me happy...

Crazy what can happen in a week. Going thru my pics and kept coming back to these sweet pictures of the boys from our dinner picnic last Monday night:

Decky is my little chipmunk. Always storing away some food for the winter, that kid.....

I had to go inside to get our drinks and I told dec to make sure carrig was ok........and he was :) best big bro

Perma smile.

My new favorite pic of Carrig.....Easy to see why.

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

"mommy stop! Stop mommy"

Said my beautifully innocent little two yr old as he watched his mom sob into his dads shoulders...he had no idea what was going on, just knew he did not like watching his mommy cry.

Today was one of the scarier days of my life and while my eyes burn like the dickens from crying so hard and all I really want to do is sleep I know I can't and probably won't. I have so many thoughts running thru my head but the one that I want to get out there for 1) Declan to read later in his life and 2) a way to remind myself of the TRUTH and that is that I am beyond thankful that the Lord made Declan as feisty as he is. He's my little fighter. There are no two ways about it. He's stubborn as hell and will fight you to the end but I'm forever grateful he is like that because he will beat this latest obstacle he's been given. The kid can't catch a break but he doesn't care. He will keep running and jumping and FIGHTING like he was made to do.
I love you, Declan. You are the most precious little two year old on earth and you mean everything to me. Everything. Forever.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More cousin time!

We really had an awesome week with aunt nancy, uncle scotty, TJ and Matthew.....we are all really missing them this week and looking forward to our next vacation together. I love my sister in law so much and feel ridiculously lucky because she loves my boys so much and is sooo good with them. It's certainly crazy when these four boys get together but it's so fun and such good family time. Love y'all mucho mucho mucho. Come back soon!!!

The two truck boys. Weird how similar they are....

TJ getting in on the community applesauce

What it would be like if aunt nancy had a baby!!!!!!! Hahaha dying the twins attacked her everytime she held c! Protective over mommy!!!

The three best friends that anyone could have......

TJ being sweet

TJ being reaaaallllly sweet. :) he really was, carrig was kind of being a pansy....

I'm bummed I didn't get any other good pics but maybe in 6 years..........

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Super random iPhone dump

I no longer am able to take pics on my camera because of some super bogus storage overload according to Apple so I have to get these pics off and deleted! Here goes nothing.

In case we forget his name:

Nothing says little boy like a pink monkey

We were live statting one of daddy's away games and this is what happened when I told Declan that Kacey (one of his girlfriends) scored :) yay!!!!

Obsessed with the bath


Standard blurry pic of my little pistol

Keeps him busy for hours. I really think he's a future engineer


Tired buddy on the way back from a morning at the beach with the cousins!

Elmo on Elmo on Elmo while teeth brushing.

Night night.
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Auntie Megs!

Meg came down over labor day weekend and we had a blast. We took long walks with the boys, we laid on the couch and watched super girly movies, we had awesome "life" talks which is kind of my favorite thing on earth and we just generally spent some good time together. She brought her puppies which made c and d verrrrry happy so she's welcome back anytime. Love you meggie!!!! Perk #176 of living back in the south. I actually get to see the people I love the most.

Bedtime snuggles with the cross-eyed kid and mr smiley

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Nancy, Scott and the boys are up here for the week and we have gotten to see them a couple times and it's been awesome. Last night, for some reason unbeknownst to all the adults, we thought we would try a restaurant with four kids under 2.5.
I have no pictures from that little adventure. Odd.
I do however have some cute pics from the playground we went to afterwards!

We love our cousins!!! Declan asks about them seriously every other second. Not annoying at all.
Seriously not annoying though and actually very cute was the other night they were over for dinner and I was putting decky down for bed and I was about to leave and he said "dear God??" - his way of reminding me that we needed to pray still! So I layed down and we held hands and he said "dear god, thank you for TJ and Matthew....."
It was perfect. Love that monkey.....
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We're trying

We aren't going anywhere, but we're trying!

Pre-face plant

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

After nap snacks on the front porch

Carrig worked on an apple slice

This was the first imposition of the 5 second rule for little man. We had to use it a couple times....no big deal.

Declan did a lot of this. Then he snuck inside and got himself a drink:

Nice try buddy but I found u. Sneaky punk.

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Eyelashes for days

So annoying. Girls (me) would kill for those things!
Carrig, you're pretty.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

He thinks he's a big boy

Playing trucks with big bro

My favorite short chunky legs

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