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C and D

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11th

I'm almost embarrassed when I think about my initial reaction on 9/11/01. I was a freshman at Wake and was in my dorm getting ready for class when some girls on my hall started running down the hall screaming and crying. I didn't get it. I actually remember thinking "what are the twin towers???". I just had no idea. I didn't have any connection to new york really.........I just thought it was a cool city where cool people lived. Lame, but that's what my 18 yr old mind thought.

Flash forward 11 years and I'm married to an extraordinarily proud New Yorker, the son of an awesome NYPD officer, the nephew of a couple NYPD officers, His best friend growing up is currently FDNY....the connections go on. He's opened my eyes to the pride, love and honor that comes with being from New York, but more importantly, America. Paul's so patriotic. So so so proud to be an American and he's teaching our boys which I think is huge.

We are sitting here tonight watching all these 9/11 specials and I have a case of perma chills. It's just unreal. I took a couple minutes earlier today to just sit and think in the quiet, about what this horrible day was like and it's a little overwhelming. My brother lives and works in manhattan right now and if he had been there when this happened......I just don't know. I can't even imagine the agony.....so for all of those people who were directly affected, I'm praying for your hearts. Mine would be totally broken, so I can imagine. And for all of the people who helped that day - you are truly heroes. Truly. How brave and how much love you must have in your heart....love with always defeat the evil in this world so thank you for showing what deep love looks like and I pray we can all NEVER FORGET.

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