C and D

C and D

Monday, September 10, 2012

C $$$$

He has an appetite, this child. Yesterday i was eating a salad for lunch and he was basically diving head first into my bowl so i finally just gave him a piece of lettuce. It turned into like 20 pieces bc he wouldnt stop jumping at me. Crazy man.

Last night he had a huge bowl of avocado and bananas and i just kind of figured he'd be done. No. He then ate whole peas. Not mashed. He just turned 6 months old but he's chowing on some real people food. So Paul fed him lots of peas. Then I was cutting up peaches and I thought well while we're on a roll, let's see what he thinks about this. So I gave him a slice. And he sucked it dry.

Tonight he had what seems like half of my bagel and then the other half of Declan's banana.

Real people food.
Holy crap.
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