C and D

C and D

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Half a year...

...and I feel like I've loved you forever.
Carrig, my dear, you turned 6 months old last week. HOW?!?!?! How how how...I just don't know where the time is going this time around but the one thing I am absolutely certain of, I'm absolutely cherishing every moment.
You are probably going to be a little behind your brother in the crawling/walking game but that's ok because instead of making sure you do all your allotted tummy time etc, we just snuggle. Like all day long. I very rarely put you down, sweet boy, but I don't think you mind :) You've kind of been attached to me since day 1 and I will milk this as long as possible....................................you make my heart burst, little man.
We don't go to the dr for another few weeks but here's what we got right now:
You are my late sleeper. There were a few weeks there where literally I was having to get you up at 10am. From 7:30 the night before. Serious. Its kind of crazy...pretty sure you were going thru a growth spurt. Usually you wake up around 8-830am.
Your napping has improved leaps and bounds since your 4 month blog post :) We've been working on this since you were born so its about time! You take either two really good naps a day or a good long one in the am and then two shorter ones in the afternoon to get u thru...
You eat EVERYTHING. Oh my. You and your brother are phenomenal...its kind of crazy how much you're obsessed with food. Right now our freezer is stocked with bags of pears, apples, peaches, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and carrots. We'll start making some more interesting stuff here in the next month or so but for right now, you've got the basics down.
I weaned you from breastfeeding two weeks ago and while you could have cared less, I miss it :(

You're starting to get up on your hands and knees and rocking back and forth. You want to move badly and are getting fairly frustrated that you can't go forward. Backwards, you've got down to a science. You can turn and go backwards and often I find you halfway across the room from where I left you. That is, however, the opposite direction that you wanted to go and it thoroughly pisses you off.
You still love your paci. Dangit.
You're obsessed with Declan. Obsessed. He can make you laugh way harder than mommy can. Even better than Declan though, is Daddy....you're SUPER obsessed with your daddy.
On that note, usually if daddy puts you down for the night you cry quite a bit and daddy's convinced its because you love him so much and hate when he leaves you. maybe??? ;)
The carseat has grown on you in the last month which makes me a very happy lady
You're super social. Super. You don't discriminate and do everything you can to get strangers attention when we are out. And then you smile THE best smile when they look at you.
I've been told about 894032 times that I need to enter you in a contest for the next gerber baby. I don't know if said contest exists but if it does I might just try...
You're such a second child - so laidback, so go with the flow...its such a foreign concept to me but I am so so so enjoying it.
You love to dance and sing. Or rather, you love when Declan holds your hands and jumps up and down to "call me maybe" and when my beautiful voice serenades you with "carrig loves squaaaashhhh, yes he does, yes he does, yes he does...." and cool songs like that
You love dogs. Esp when they lick your hands and face. You laugh hysterically.
You have the coolest laugh that will turn anyone's frown upside down
You are a standing fool! You have a good wide base, as daddy calls it. I call it "hunt legs". ;)
You finalllllly cut your first tooth today! Your face is all rashy with the amount of drool you've been producing so I'm glad you finally have something to show for it.

Alrighty my sweet baby well I know there's a million things I'm missing but these are just a few of the awesome things you're up to these days. I felt very very very deep in my heart that Carrig was the right name for you and it is. You are our rock. There's no doubt about it. Every single day, your smile keeps all of us sane and we love you with every ounce of our being. Happy half birthday, Carrig James. Looking forward to 200 more!


So full of life. Ps - happy thanksgiving a little early.