C and D

C and D

Monday, September 3, 2012


We went up to Charlotte a month ago (that's how far behind I am on this ugh!!!) and had an awesome time as usual. Paul had just started preseason so the boys and I escaped for a couple days to see GiGi, POp pop, uncle Kenan and uncle boo boo (missed Davis tons but I did Skype with him all but one night I was there so it kind of???? Made up for it)

I came away from the visit especially thankful for my brothers. I think the older I've gotten, the more I realize and recognize the bond between siblings and it's hard to put into words but there's just something so special about my brothers. It's like the second i see them and we look at each other and hug the past 29 years come rushing forward and all the memories we made growing up are suddenly in the present. As far apart as we have lived and as much as we are all living our own lives, it just doesn't matter when we get together.....we never miss a beat. And now it's even cooler because watching them with my boys is my favorite.thing.on.earth. Ever.

So....Kenan, Davis and Grammy - thank you for being super awesome brothers and uncles....and thank you also for not making up shit and/or selling me out to national gossip mags :) (Kenan I know u know!! Ive totally thought about this ever since stupid mike holm!!) you're my favorites!!!!!

Uncle Boo Boo took us on a sweet ride in the mini. Declan was in heavennnnnn. Heaven. Don't tell anyone we didn't use a carseat.

Kenan and I with our baby twin.

Declan and his bestest bestest bestest friends.

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