C and D

C and D

Friday, August 24, 2012

Morning rain fun

We've had some serious monsoons recently here and the other morning was no different. I have always loved playing in the rain myself (even as an adult - weird??? maybe) and Decky, being a boy, clearly loves to splash as much as possible in the stuff so instead of being stuck inside I took both boys out and Decky was in heaven. He still had his pjs on and he told me "shirt off, pants off, diaper off" so we (he) got naked and went to town!

Showing me his world! I love that hiney so much

 Carrig was totally fascinated with the monsoon and his crazy bro

Declan was totally fascinated with the gutter run off

Awesome morning with my boys......I can't wait until next year when C is joining in on the messy fun!