C and D

C and D

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Future daughter in laws bday party

We loooove kaylie. She is a total firecracker and can hang with the best of the boys on her worst day so it's no wonder decky loves her :) she gets in with the trucks and motorcycles and can hit a baseball better than him (kind of embarrassing???) She turned two last week and had a killer bday party. I'm glad I didn't know Kim when decky turned two because our party was not really in the same ballpark (pun intended) as this one :)

They had a petting zoo:

Two big jump houses:

One that had bubbles and water running thru it which decky thought was so cool.

And tons of fun people to take care of carrig while mommy was trying to keep
Decky from hurting himself:

It was really just an awesome way to spend our Saturday night. We love you kaylie and are so excited to welcome you into our family in 25 years :)

Kaylie giving carrig big kisses:

Declan, like I said, loves her so here he is trying to give her his drink. Such a gentleman. Totally unprompted:

He gives her more hugs and holds her hands (without me asking) than me alllll the time. Grrrr.....and so it begins.

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