C and D

C and D

Friday, August 17, 2012

Auntie Trace Face!!!!

When everything went down at CU at the beginning of this year, both Tracy and Chris were pretty stressed about what would happen to them and where they would end up next...Chris obviously ended up here working with Paul and crazy enough, Tracy ended up an hour and a half away at the College of Charleston! And its AWESOME. She came up a few weekends back and we had such a blast. Paul's cousin and her daughter were here as well so we had a big girls weekend....with Carrig. Paul was in camp and Declan was with my mom so it was seriously just girls and a baby. Sometimes you need those weekends :)

Tracy slept in Decky's bed. She was real excited about it.....and extra excited about the bed rail just in case she got crazy. Safety first at our house.

She made me drink. I hated it. ;) BIG ;)

Kathryn and C before bed one night...he looks a little asian here - tracyyyyyyy

Someone is very excited here. And someone is not....

LOVE this pic of lolly and carrig :)

Especially love this pic of his "coming out of the water face". He did so well though I promise!!

We are trying to plan a trip sometime this fall when the boys and I can get down to watch Auntie Trace Face coach em out down in Charleston and have a little sleepover. Can't wait!!