C and D

C and D

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bald Head Island!

Decky and I came out here on Saturday to spend time with my parents and younger brother and we have had an awesome time. I'll blog much later with pics once we are home and I have my computer but here was the ride over on the ferry:

YouTube Video

Bald head is pretty cool because there are no cars..... You park in southport and take a ferry over to the island - where there are only golf carts! It's a total oasis - if u want to relax, come here. In any case - Declan was a full on wild man on this ferry. I was half so proud of him because he was really brave and loving every second of the wind in his hair and fast boat/half super embarrassed because he ran from one end of the ferry to the other the.whole.time. I'm talking full on wild man. Everyone just kept looking at me and laughing like "thank heavens it's you and not me lady" it was great ;) but truth be told I love how much energy and how totally fearless he is......

Waiting for the ferry. Apple was necessary to hold him over. We got there at 4:55 - missed the 5pm ferry so had to SIT for an hour for the next ferry. Food was crucial.

Ok now off to the beach!

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Location:Federal Rd,Bald Head Island,United States

Friday, May 27, 2011

"It's like a bad restaurant"

"You tried it, and you won't be going back - move on" - thank heavens for a rational mother :) She is very much like Paul - "it is what it is" and I needed that today (well yesterday now as I'm posting this a day late)!!!!

We went to this doctor that came pretty highly recommended for Declan's 15 month appt and it was nooooooooot ok! We got there early to give them all the correct paperwork etc because we were new patients and then we sat down in the waiting room - that has not A toy (isn't this a pediatrician's office???) or book or train to look at or TV or anything - luckily I had a few books so we read those, read them again, and then Declan wanted up :) Like a normal 15 month old.....so he ran around the waiting room for the next 45 minutes until finally we were called back. (btw I have never waited 45 mins at a drs office so I don't know if this is normal or what but we had a morning appt - hard to believe they were already that far behind in the morning ahhh) At that point he was pretty restless and getting a little ornery (I was way more restless and ornery however), they weighed him, measured him and then told us to sit in a chair in a hallway and wait for the dr to come get us. Oh sure ok......You want Declan to sit in a chair? In a hallway? After he's already been sitting/waiting for 45 mins? And its lunchtime? Get outta here with that.

So there we are, I'm trying to keep him from going into random drs offices and he's on the verge of a serious fit and I hear this kid coughing up a lung in the room I'm pretty sure we are about to go into. Awesome. And yes, the dr came out, the family came out, and we went in. They didn't clean it or anything after this sick child just spend 20 mins in there. Even more awesome. And there was gross hair all over the floor. Ugh, I was trying to not pitch a fit myself but seriously - foul. major foul. 

Ever since I had Declan I've become a pretty big germaphobe - I am that girl who always uses sani-wipes on the cart at the grocery store before putting Declan in it, or at the restaurant I sanitize the highchair and table before he sits.......I don't know where it came from, usually I could care less but with him I am a little anal. So here we are, in a drs office where I would think they would definitely clean/sanitize after each person's been in a room but noooo, not this here office! And I was even more worked up because Declan is just coming off of being sick and the last thing I want is for him to get something else now. 

Ok so the dr comes in, nice guy, doesn't speak English very well. Declan is way past annoyed right now so he's screaming - won't let the guy touch him - I'm trying to calm Declan/try to have a conversation with the dr who I cannot understand for the life of me but it was a total lost cause. A) the guy asked "how is he sleeping" "is he walking ok" and "does he say at least 6 words that YOU understand"? aaaaaand that was it. B) I like to talk and especially this being my 1st child I always have tons of questions and in the past at all our well visits, its nice, the dr sits there, Declan plays with whatever toy and we kind of just talk about where he should be, what he should be doing, what I can do to help him etc etc etc. NOTHING LIKE TODAY.

And to top it off - I don't know if the nurses in CO measured weird or the people here but apparently in 3 months Declan hasn't grown a millimeter - he did however somehow manage to gain 2.5lbs. Awesome. Today he was 28lbs 5oz, 29.75in long and his head was 19.25in. Cooooooooool beans. I have the shortest kid on the planet. I would like to have asked the doctor what on earth that's about but seeing as they didn't have the records we gave them a month ago, he didn't even know how much he weighed/how long he was (I had to ask him and he in turn went outside and asked the nurse) which means he definitely didn't know where on the little chart Declan fell etc etc etc. It just goes on and on. I did however get a nice handwritten post-it note of Declan's stats when I asked the nurse if she had a sheet or anything with them on it - and she looked at me all cock-eyed but wrote them on a post-it. That'll surely look good in his baby book.

 It was a total shit-show and I feel like a real waste but my mom is right - it wasn't a waste - he got his shots which is very important, and I crossed a drs office off the list :) A good learning experience, as she put it. Which is true. 

I am still so annoyed though - but hopefully after I hit "post" that'll be the end of it and we will start the pediatrician search over for little buddy. Thankfully he's been very very healthy and again, like my mom says, he is perfect, he is doing everything he should be doing and more, AND to top it off he already has his first recruiting tape out there (will blog that later) so I need to just settle my butt down. :)

A few pics of the boy today:

Getting ready to the head to the dr

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This is his new "mom, if you use the word 'outside' you better be prepared to take me in the next 5 seconds or I will sit here at the door and scream until you do" look - get it only every 3 mins that we are inside. No big deal.

We went on a run and this is what I got the whole time - his sweet face looking up at me like "when is this gonna be OVER?!?!?!?!" Trust me buddy, I was thinking the same thing.

This'll get him thru about 5 minutes :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

He gets it from his daddy

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Declan has really good manners

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A good day

Today was a good day. A great day in fact - one where when it was time to clean up the kitchen I gladly 409'ed the counters - which neverrrrrrrrr happens :)

We had tumblings tots this am at the library which is always a good time and then afterwards my sweet little boyfriend, Levi, invited decky and I to a hot date at chic-fil-a! Obviously we went :) Declan and Levi played on the playground while Norma and I chatted...

Declan, for his first real fast food experience, did so well and as stupid as it is I was really proud of him. He is coming out of a full week of being ill which also = picky eating but he loved him some chicken sandwich with Polynesian sauce and pickles :) just like mommy!

He was pooped when we for back so he took a really good nap which he hasn't done since he got sick. I did have to go in at one point after about two hours and hug him for a sec but tell him it's still time for night night (I love when he is still tired and super snuggly). So anyway, he slept until abou 4pm which was soo needed. We went outside, played with our neighbors, jill and randy, who are super southern, absolutely hilarious and I LOVE (decky loves their cat) for about an hour and then daddy came home and we grilled out!

Decky showing how insanely adorable (no bias here!) he is:

Paul gave him a quick bath and when he brought Declan out all soaking wet, wrapped in his towel and ALL smiles my heart just melted. He is so happy I can't stand it......

Today was just a good one - good eating, good playing, good sleeping, no tantrums, loads of hugs and kisses. I wish everyday was like today. But since it isnt :) today just reminds me what it's all about and to be thankful for when everything works. Some days as a mom are just really really hard - downright brutal, full of second guessing yourself, wondering why on earth you are the one tasked with raising this child. So days like today give you the boost right when you need it the most - and you see how happy, healthy, well adjusted etc your child is and you know you must be doing something right. Tomorrow will probably be a nightmare so right now I am going to sleep thinking about one of the best days we have had in a long time. Probably sounds like a very simple day to most but that's how I like it :)

Good. Night.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Then and now

May 23, 2010:

May 23, 2011:

Its so funny - I remember those photos taken last year soooooo vividly. Decky was a big swaddle guy - he loved it, we loved it, he 100% needed it to sleep etc but then, the beast came out. He got pretty strong pretty quickly and started to fight his way out the minute you swaddled him which made sleeping very interesting - especially for his naps (looking back, his naps have always been an adventure :) even today this remains the case, unfortunately. In any case, the unswaddling started at daycare and we weened at home - we had to put one of his blankies all around his head to compensate for awhile and make him *kind of* of have that feeling of being bundled up but it totally worked! The things you end up doing..............................so in any case, a year ago the big thing was getting him to sleep without the swaddle.

.....................and onto this year! This morning, Decky and I went on a long run and even though all he did was sit, he was a hot sweaty mess when we got back so our neighbor let him run wild in his sprinklers. I had to fight his little butt to get him inside for lunch, (7 out of 10 times he throws a fit when you tell him he has to come inside) ate some eggs and veggies, he took a nap while I worked and then once he was up we were back out and playing!

 It is absolutely shocking how much can change in a year and when I think back to last year at this time, it blows my mind. He was so little, such a love - now he's so big and and tens times the little love that he was. I can't wait to get his stats at the end of this week to see where he is physically but emotionally our little boy is just the happiest, smartest, lovable little boogar Paul and I could ever have wished for. We are the luckiest.............we'll see where we are next year on May 23rd :)

Then...........and now - 2!

May 21, 2008

May 21, 2011

3 years and 1 crazy 15 month old later................I think we're doing alright :). Love you so very much, Paul. You have now taken me to the most humid place on earth but truth be told, I would follow you here and back 100 more times if it meant we would spend our lives together. You are THE most important person in my life and there is no one else I would rather "sweat it out" with. :) 

Happy Anniversary, love. Here's to 50 more!

"Do you know how long I've waited to sit on the beach with my grandchild?"

~ Nana whispered to Decky Saturday while they were sitting on the beach playing in the sand. It was really really sweet, a very cool moment for me to see the two of them together and just an awesome morning overall :)

Nana and Pop were up this way for a couple days at the end of last week thru this weekend and we had a great time. It is so wonderful having family so close - they live 6.5 hrs away but seriously, that's nothing compared to a 3.5 hr flight and the months that we had to plan these trips to see each other out. Declan has gotten to see and play with Nana and Pop now 4 different times since we've been here! That's almost twice a month :) I couldn't be happier that Declan is getting to really really know his grandparents - I think kids 100% need to have that sense of family and while Paul and I do our best, its so much better when he gets to spend time with our whole family and feel how much he is loved instead of just being told. 

One thing I love and want to note after this trip is how great the Hogan's are - they are just genuinely good people. I feel like every time we are together (which, remember, for the last 5 years we've been in Colorado so really only once or twice a year), I learn more about not only them but Paul as well which I LOVE. Their family - is about family. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, is more important and I would venture to say every single day they live this out. Both Paul and Nancy didn't get married until their mid thirties and we both just started having kids so Carol and Paul have been waiting for this for almost 20 years at this point..........now, in 1 year, they have 3 grand babies - so when she was hugging Declan at the beach and said, "do you know how long I've been waiting to sit on the beach with my grandchild?", I know that was coming straight from her heart and she was probably about to burst at that moment. Its just very cool for me to be around that kind of love (seeing as I am the cheesiest person alive) and especially seeing my son around it. He is a super lucky kid to have two families that fall all over him :)  And I am very lucky to have married into such an awesome family as well - Carol, Paul, my Paul, Nancy and their whole extended crew.

Ok back on track - not only is it great for Declan to have Nana and Pop here, its so lovely for Paul and I as well. I got to run some errands SOLO (never ever ever happens), Paul and I actually took a nap without worrying if Declan was going to wake up from his, and we got a night out on the town while Decky stayed back with the best babysitters ever! When they say it takes a village to raise a child, its true - and while our village is pretty spread out, I can't say enough how wonderful it is when we are together.

Thank you for Nana and Pop for making the trek up here and taking your time to spend a few days with us! We know you have a lot going on right now back in Georgia with the sweet twin boys but to have you here and see you with Declan makes all three of us very very very happy. We miss you and hope to see you again soon!!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Strawberry pickin'!

Declan and I met his buddy, Levi, and the lady that takes care of him, Norma in Conway and we hopped in their car as she took the four of us out to the farm of one of her family friends. One very cute note before I get into the strawberry pickin' is that Decky and Levi sat in the back together (obvi) and when I looked back at one point their were looking at each other with the biggest grins and holding hands. Ah - I could have died right there. It was just too cute for words.

So anyhow - we got to this farm, picked up a couple buckets and went at it! I was veryyyyyyyy nervous and brought both my backpack and stroller in case I needed to lock this child of mine up but he was AWESOME. I couldn't believe it - usually, given a situation where he can run wild, he does just that. But right when we got there, we showed Levi and Decky how to pick a berry and then put it in the bucket and Declan went up and down the rows with me, picking berries, eating half of them, but putting the other half in the bucket. Good job dude! Levi just put my sunglasses on, lookin' like a cool dude and hung out, waiting for us to give him his strawberries :) I like his style a lot to be honest with you.......

Here are the two boys after the picking - we were out working for about and hour and a half so they needed a snack and Norma got them both apples from the farm stand :) And yes, Declan is extraordinarily short - Levi is about 27 months though and Declan's only 15 so maybe???????? Either way they're so cute.

SO THENNNNN - I made it home with 4.5lbs of strawberries and needed to make something fast! I found this Paula Deen recipe and figured we would give it a shot - it was super tasty - extremely extremely sweet but sooo good and LOADS of fresh strawberries - all in the batter and the icing. I haven't baked in awhile so this was a fun one. Thinking we might go next week so I can do this again ;)


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Push it - take two

Nana got decky this pool to play with outside! But what does he do????

YouTube Video


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Friday, May 20, 2011

Push it

All day. Every day.

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Proof that Declan doesn't always wear Yankees gear!

He wears Mets gear too ;)

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Well that's interesting.......

So there u have a nice normal jar of peanut butter.

And when you open it to make your son a sandwich what do you find?? One of his cars! Why wouldn't you????

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No words...

Sike - get real - I always have words.

But these two do leave me speechless from time to time......this was the night of our anniversary and it had been a fairly rough day for decky and I - he has a pretty bad cold and like a good boy, shared it with mommy :) so anyway - not a fun day we were both miserable.

And then comes dinner time and the boys break out their moves and I couldn't help but think how funny life is. 3 years ago at that time we were dancing the night away on what was easily the best night of both our lives. The year after we were out in Boston eating at a ridiculously delicious Italian restaurant in the north end, last year is a full on blur - I know I blocked it out and this year my boys are dancing in the kitchen. A lot can happen in three years..... That is for dang sure

YouTube Video

Oh I love them so much.....happy anniversary to the love of my life :) and thank you for your little mini-me.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Case of the monday's

Because motherhood is not always roses...........some days begin with this :

And a shirt covered in this:

And a sweet little boy who has no idea what just came out of his mouth and stomach but desperately needs a bath!

Hope your Monday is better than mine!!

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Paul's dream come true

Paul went with the entire coaching staff of coastal carolina soccer yesterday to watch the FA cup final (english soccer) and wore his favorite team, everton, 's jersey so clearly we had to dress decky up too! We were headed to his swim lesson though so he had his swimming trunks on but still twins :)

I really really reallllllly hope the boy likes soccer......................

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Boy? or Girl?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately as Paul and I talk about when to start "trying" to have another baby. I hate that phrase by the way...............I know these days it is certainly hard work and it, for whatever reason, doesn't come nearly as naturally as it SHOULD but I just hate that you have to label getting pregnant as doing work. It should be purely about love and if it happens it happens. But that's besides the point because I know that isn't most people's reality.

I have three brothers and I now have a son and two nephews - my friend, Meagan, once told me that when she thinks about me and my family she just thinks "boys" - not in a bad way but its so very true. I grew up with boys, I played soccer with the boys until I was 13, I'm closer with my male cousins than female, I've always gotten along better with guys than girls - its just all boys in my life. I have been very very lucky and made some truly amazing female friends along the way who I consider like sisters but Meg is right - when I look at my life I think boys as well.

So what would happen if we had a girl??? When I first got pregnant with Declan, I was sure we were having a girl. And I couldn't have been more happy. Being a female, dealing with the pressures that they do, coaching young women for 3 years, it really was something that I was pumped about. I wanted to raise a girl in this day and age and raise her RIGHT. I wanted to raise a woman who would make a difference in this world, being confident in her faith, being a loyal friend, setting a good example health-wise, maybe athletic?!??!?!!, someone who would one day be the girl that all the moms wanted their sons to date. And then maybe marry....and then become a mom herself. I think women are special - they have incredible hearts and love differently than a man does - and it is something the world needs and I wanted to raise a strong woman who would love and make this world better.

I started coaching 10 year old girls when I first got to CU and while I LOVED the CU girls, the little ones were my heart and soul. They were malliable.......I saw the pressures they were dealing with, which by the way are absurd and I think make it so hard to be a girl these days.....but I was able to help them, give them confidence to say NO to whatever it was they knew was wrong, be an example for other girls their age who might be struggling. Be a good friend. I know sometimes coaches or teachers have more of an impact at that age than parents so I really really really took my role seriously and those girls I think have turned out absolutely amazing. Certainly not only because of me - I don't mean to say that at all, I only had them for 3 years - but I do think soccer, the team, the challenges, overcoming the challenges, the advice, the talks, the friendships....it all helped and I have seen many of those girls rise above some of the absolute sh*t that goes on in their schools. And sometimes even their homes. If Declan were older, those are the girls I would like for him to date.

So that said, I loved helping "raise" those girls for the 3 years we were together. And when we were first pregnant I was really enjoying thinking about how we would raise this girl.......that turned out to be a boy :)  And I was looking forward so very much to that challenge. But now that we have Declan and I see just how much fun a boy is, I'm having such a hard time imagining a girl :( I love wrestling with him, I love that he wants to go out in the rain and play, I love that he is absolutely fearless, I love that he is so EASY GOING (no drama), I love that he is so unbelievably busy and I am so unbelievably exhausted by the end of the day, I love that he wants to climb on EVERYTHING and even if he falls, he gets back up, smiles at me, and starts climbing again, I love that when Paul asked me the other day "where is Declan" I said "in the other room playing with his trucks" - its just so BOY and I love it :) I know there will be struggles but I certainly will not be fighting with him when he's 15 about a dress that is wayyyy too revealing for prom, or having to listen to why he will never ever EVER talk to Sally again even though they were best friends 2 days ago. Girls bring a drama and dynamic that I've never been good with myself and I can't imagine trying to deal with that every day.....these days. And after our dinner the other night, seeing those pageant girls with their moms I REALLY started to panic.

All this to say, if we had a girl, I know I would be over the moon. I know different genders bring different challenges just the way every child brings something different to the table but for some reason, I am just love love loooovvvving having a boy. More than I ever thought. Again, maybe its because I grew up with boys and I would much prefer to go play with a ball any day of the week rather than a doll...........and Declan loves himself a soccer ball! So he and I have fun together. My little buddy. I know it won't be like this forever but for now........................he is my buddy :)

I think God gives you what you need so this go round, that was a boy. If next go round its a girl I will embrace that knowing she is what we are meant to add to our family................but I will say right now - that makes me a little nervous.

For now though - off to play with Decky and his new slinky!!! :)

15 months young!

Some pics from Wednesday - his official 15 month old birthday :)

Handsome handsome baby boy helping mommy get her gardening tools ready.

total wackjob. His lunch was in that tupperware container and after he finished eating this is what he did..........................I really don't know what to think of him sometimes :)

So I know last time I wrote about Declan developmentally, we were in a funky stage - I am happy to say we are back in the super sweet, easy to put in his car seat, eat anything you put in front of him, smile at strangers, wave at passing cars, hugging mommy's legs and giving daddy lots of random kisses stage. And I LOVE IT :) I really am hesitant to write this because everytime we're in a good stage and I write about it, Declan plays a mean joke on me but it is what it is. When you say "no", he doesn't pitch a fit like he did a month ago........when he wants something that he can't have, its easy to distract, he willingly hangs out wiht people he doesn't know very well as opposed to pitching a serious fit and ONLY wanting to be with paul or i, he's napping a little bit better than a month ago, and I could go on and on and on....

Well little buddy, who knows where we will be next month but this one has been so fun. You get more active by the minute, more communicative, happier and much much much muchhhh cuter which I absolutely have no clue how that is possible but it is. You 15 month appt is at the end of this month so we will see what your stats are.........my guess is your weight will be off the charts you little linebacker!!!! :)