C and D

C and D

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This monkey:

You cant hide anything from. He is a freak. An absolute freak and he has the nose of a German shepherd (they have uncanny senses of smell right???? Yes? Maybe?? Did I make that up??) and he finds sh*t no matter how high up or behind other items I put it.

He knows he's good too.

This particular instance I had hid his favorite "chocolate balls" (choc covered pomegranates from costco, go get some immediately) on top of the fridge behind the salad bowl and when I came out from putting carrig down for a nap this is what I found. He had moved his chair over do he could climb up on the counter, up onto the top of the fridge and he was knee deep in the friggin chocolate balls.

He's good. Ugh!

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