C and D

C and D

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

GiGi saves the day

My mom is a gem. She was going to head to the beach house on Thursday but decided to come here early for a few days and hang with us because it was right after Decky's asthma incident and I think she could tell I was a major major majorrrr stressball. So she came Tuesday and was only going to be here a few days but ended up staying until Sunday - and it was amaziiinnnnggggg. Seriously. Paul went out of town on Wednesday which is usually fine but with everything going on I was just a wreck so without me even asking, she just stayed. Like the badass mom/GiGi that she is.

The four of us had such a fun week and got to spend some really good, quality time together. Declan, to this day, keeps asking when GiGi and the puppies are coming back. So mom, please make it soon before he drives me crazy ;)

One day she took Decky to Target and they clearly had a fun time shopping as they came back with tons of stuff to decorate for Halloween:

Declan enjoyed pushing the puppies in his stroller. We always have to push. SOMETHING.

Proud of he and GiGi's (mainly GiGi's) work:
One morning we went down to Pawleys Island and shopped around. They have the coolest little old timey shops with unique, southern items. I love it so so so much down there. Wouldn't mind living down there one day ;) ;) ;) paullllllllllllllllllll

Declan got a little tired of shopping so we stopped at the playground to play. And he's always good for a hammock swing with his GiGi.

Another morning we went to the Conway Fall Festival. I took Decky last year and he loved it so I was certain this year would be even better. And it was.

They have this cool antique car show and while I'm not into cars (other than miniature ones that make super annoying sounds), these are freaking bad A. They're gorgeous....and THIS was the car my mom grew up driving in! We took a pic for Gammy and Grandy:
It is a boat.

We took a nice walk. Where Maddie, the princess, decided she would rather ride than walk.
We fished. Duh. We fish every day now....................mmhmmm.....

This kid joins us now. And he has manboobs. And I'm slightly worried about his future.

Decky danced in the shower: His FAVORITE thing to do right now is when he's supposed to get out is go "i see deckyyyyyyyy" and shake his butt like a wild man. Its hilarious and this pic doesn't show how funny it is but I wanted it for future reference to remind me of these sweet times....

Then we had a fun little photo sesh with the skull and skeleton arms. Why not. Its Halloween....

Mom - you are the absolute best. You are the calm to my storm so thank you for getting us thru that rough one...............we love you very very much.