C and D

C and D

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Today was a good day...

We started out going to speech therapy with miss berna who is honestly the first person, for whatever reason, in deckys life that he just goes to willingly even though I am standing two feet away. He just hops away from me. It's the strangest thing, even if Paul comes home and tries to get decky he always reaches for my hand or cries for "mama????" but not this lady - Shes got the goods.

And he sits and really listens and works with her which is even better:

Then we went down to Conway and met Levi and sawyer at the park for a little playdate. And the boys were boys - they had the best time playing in this water fountain:

They splashed each other and thought it was the funniest thing for about 30 minutes straight.

Levi after the splash fest:

And then they threw rocks in the river for another 30 mins.

When it was time for lunch, all three boys threw nice fits because they didn't wanna leave so I ended up carrying a screaming Declan, and Norma and Gerry walked their crying boys to the cars. Too funny. Toddlers are awesomeeeeee.........

We finally made it to chick fil a where more playing ensued and decky decided to gallop around the entire restaurant. Did not get pictures but he sure made some people's days :)

It was a great morning/early afternoon - a busy one but decky had a blast which always makes my days better too...

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