C and D

C and D

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The little bros....

Its funny how life goes. These days I literally only hang out with other moms. And other moms who have kids my kids ages. Declan has a really good buddy, Jake, but Jake has older siblings who are super into sports which consume all of his parents time so we don't ever get to hang with him. (we will be there soon enough holy crap) but for the time being if you are three and under, we are hanging.
Usually its to get Declan together with his favorites but now some of the younger siblings are getting old enough to where they can start hanging and it is cuuuuuuuuute!

This is Jax - Kaylie's little bro. And he is a heartbreaker!!

This is Jax and Carrig - C is absolutely incapable of letting someone do something that he thinks looks fun. Must get in on that action ASAP.

Good thing J is super sweet and appreciates Carrig's special "help"

This pic melts me. Carrig was upset about something I don't remember (he is *slightly* dramatic) and ran to Kaylie for a hug. Because Declan surely wasn't going to give him one.

I even instagrammed it I liked it so much :) 

Then the three older ones did this fun tire swing. C fell off just a few seconds after this pic was snapped. Gotta try to be a big kid at all times, that one!