C and D

C and D

Monday, July 15, 2013


My dad called me today and informed that for the past two-ish weeks he has checked the blog every night and every night gets annoyed with me when he sees "118".

Apparently I have blogged 118 times so far this year (where is this counter bc this was news to me!!!) so daddio - here is #119 for ya. Hope you enjoy :)

I am beyond behind right now.....like ridiculously behind so this is just going to be a random gittyup from the past month or so and hopefully soon I can blog specific events. We have just been having way too much fun and I am way too tired at night to think about typing but here goes....gonna try and get back in the game!

This is what I will call......a hot mess.
He is so ridiculous.

Swim wings and a towel give me a very good mental image of what my future football player will look like. Minus the foof - we hope.

Wings!!!!!!! I see a haircut in his future :( :( :( :(

This babe and his favorite dogs at the beach.

Pool babes. Sometimes I just put them in the front seat together and drive them 25 seconds to our neighborhood pool if its blazing and I don't want to walk. My buddies.......Paul wants to kill me but ugh they are cute.

Nap time post pool/serious chlorine hair.

Driving home from Atlanta. My road warrior besties.

Rain is awesome!!!
How old does this child look? WHAT THE HEEZ?????????????

Mornings on the back porch. Declan wakes up a solid 2 hrs earlier than Carrig so we have lots
Of good mommy/daddy/decky/breakfast/watching sprinklers time.

Loooots of pool time with the neighbors! Always fun.


He loves himself a puppy

Most of my battles with these two involve snacks and their neeeeeeed for them at all times.
C will just cry at the pantry until I distract or Declan comes and makes it worse. Fun.
Super fun.

Lots of nights I will take Declan biking with our neighbors while
C gets ready for bed with Paul. Declan loves!!!! it but insists on riding Ashley's old bike.

It's a lovely Barbie bike with pom poms........................future blackmail.

Rain storms are the best!

And we must push our trucks thru the puddles.
We must!

He is very into "building" things.
Cups on other cups on top of ketchup bottles with maybe a plate to seal the beautiful construction. Very proud of himself.

Ok that's all I can do right now. This was exhausting ;) I promise to try very very very hard to get back into this. For all my loyal blog readers out there.....love you.

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