C and D

C and D

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My little friend:

Is becoming such a big boy. Right in front of my eyes. And he is so fun to hang out with......I can't tell you how happy it makes me when he says, "mommy, you wanna kick the soccer ball with me????"

YouTube Video

He wanted to play after dinner tonight and ended up just kicking against the wall by himself. He went for a solid 15 mins and would have done an hour I bet if I had let him....
Yesterday on a bike ride:

Why is he 10?????
I distinctly remember when he was Carrigs age and it's just bananas to see him now - this big/little boy who cannot get enough of sports and just all things "boy".
We did some community service with Paul's team on Saturday and I was SO proud of Declan. There are times he drives me up the wall and I worry about him, but then there are times like Saturday when I see a glimpse of the man he could (hopefully WILL) be and my pride soars. He took it very seriously and really was a huge help cleaning up tons of trash at this park for an hour and a half. Way to go, Dec!

And then there's this:

Something about seeing my husband's face in my sweet baby's....my little mini Paul Hogan.
Just stay here for a minute, Dec. love you so much....
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