C and D

C and D

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kaylie's bday!

Declan's girlfriend had her 3rd birthday party a few weeks back and per usual, Kim did a phenomenal job with it. Kaylie is slightly obsessed with scooby doo so she had everything scooby you could think of.
She even made the bus and had little photo booth props......such an overachiever ;)

They also had this huge jumpy house water slide that Declan and kaylie spent the majority of their time on...

It was no joke.
May or may not have injured himself severely on this move:

Oh and they had blown up an entire bag of water balloons to play with that they went thru in a good two minutes:

Declan LOVES a good water balloon fight so as soon as Robin said it was time, he went right out there with him...

Side note: you know you have good friends when they have a whole separate table of goodies for your son. Kim specially ordered mellow mushroom for the party because they have gluten free pizza and she had gotten special gluten free/peanut free/egg free treats for Declan in his labeled party favor box. She is so sweet and we are lucky to have such thoughtful friends that love our allergy boy...

And then maybe my favorite video yet:

YouTube Video

Declan is so sorry Kaylie!!! He loves you!!!!
Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. Can't wait to have you as a daughter in law :)
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