C and D

C and D

Monday, September 2, 2013

Howwwww did this happen??????

Declan has his orientation tomorrow for school and Wednesday, he starts five, count them, five days a week there. Whaaaaaaaatttttt :( it's just the mornings but still. MY BABY! And OUR SUMMER!

We had the best summer yet. Easy. So much family time, so much friend time, so much pool and beach time, so much staying up late/sleeping in late/no schedule time, just the best. I can't believe it's over but Declan was literally jumping up and down tonight because he was so excited to go to school again. Safe to say he loves it and will remain happy away from mommy :( cue lots of ugly crying......

The little dudes and I pulled into our driveway at about 12:30 last night, ending our summer with a pretty fantastic quick trip to Charlotte and Wake. We saw some really awesome college friends, coaches and their children and got to see both Gammy and Grandy and Mamaw and Aunt Kathy. The boys LOVED every second of being with lots of kids and cool adults. Can't say how awesome it was.

I put this pic up on insta

On our way up on Friday with that song "Carolina" by parmalee's lyrics. And I mean it :) home is where my heart is still beating........trip totally did not disappoint.

Morning bike ride to a park near my parents condo.

Love this view..........taking a pic while driving maybe not the best idea....

Saturday afternoon/night we went to see my good friend Sarah and her badass baby Ben who I've been waiting to meet since April of 2012. She stayed with a former baseball player and volleyball player from wake who are married and have two baller children. Another former baseball player was there too with his wife and twins. Lots of wakies and it was a really fun reunion of sorts with some serious craziness.....

Surprisingly the big group pics turned out infinitely better than the pics I tried to get of the boys and Ben :(

Ben and Carrig have the shaggy look down. Future wake girls better watch out.

Sunday sarah and i drove up to wake in the am to see our former coach, Suddesy, and her hubby and kids. Who I love. A lot. Another great day minus the monsoon that came the second we drove up to the soccer game.......hence stalling it 2 hours and eventually canceling it. The boys I waited it out only to watch 7 mins before calling it good. So that was cool. But the rest of the day was filled with tons of good times.

Including this gem:

Justin should be so proud, sar......

This is schmoops, suddesy's husband, and one of the greatest men alive:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

The memories I have from my time at wake are absolutely untouchable, and to now be making new memories with my kids there...............not much cooler than that.

Thanks Suddesy for being such a great hostess and Sarah for spurring this trip on. Great weekend! Great way to end the summer.......

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