C and D

C and D

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Not so little girls.......

sweeeeeeeeeet shades

One of my former "little girls" from Colorado came out with her family to Isle of Palms so we met up in Georgetown one day and had such a wonderful afternoon together.

You're not supposed to have favorites as a coach, I know......but I did. And I still do. Taylor (TK) was this little stud rockstar who worked her butt off every single day, never complained (EVER), was feisty on the field but so sweet off, super reliable, humble with a beautiful spirit, loved by every single one of her teammates and such a smart little cookie. All at age 11. And then at 14 when I stopped coaching her. And then at 15 when she came to my house to meet my little baby Declan who had just been born. And then at 16 whenever we would catch up about life. And then at 18 a few weeks before she took off for her freshman year of college at Washington State. I cannot begin to imagine how her parents feel because holy crap I was in shock that "my little girl" is going to college! HOLY HJFKLDSJL:REWBK:HJKFDSEEEE..........

But she is so ready and so smart and so mature and just the DEAL. I swear, I've told her parents many times, but I really really hope I can raise my boys to grow up to be as well adjusted, independent and strong as she is. TK, you are phenomenal, you've always been phenomenal, and you will continue to be. So pumped for your future. (And thanks for being so awesome with my little ones......Declan still talks about "Tayyyor" so good work)

I heart you.