C and D

C and D

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pop Pop!

Declan and Paul are creating this awesome tradition with my dad and heading to a Carolina baseball game every spring. I know Paul loves my dad because he haaaaaates Carolina with a very serious passion, but he willingly takes his son, buys him a shirt, and allows him to yell "go heels" :) Thats true love.

My dad loves it too and it's the greatest thing. I know they all look forward to it. Declan most of all - he talks non stop for days until they go. Not annoying at all.

The three of them have made a pact to in 13 or 14 years, go to Omaha for the college World Series together. Declan talks about that too. Boys weekend. So cool.

On a semi related note, we were out throwing bread to some baby geese today and this is how he is now throwing because he said that's how the heel players do it:

Hahahahaha!!!! Niiiiice form. Pop Pop are u proud? (It looks *sort of* how pitchers throw so I'm hoping that's what this situation was)

So fun. Love u three. Next year Carrig gets to go and mommy might have a full 24 hours to herself.

Say what????

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